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Something with a firm deadline

Faculty leave requests for AY2022-23

Faculty who would like to request a Faculty Improvement Leave or an Assigned Research Appointment leave for next academic year (i.e., AY2022-23) should visit the Academic Personnel website for more information about policies and for relevant application forms: https://www.miamioh.edu/academic-affairs/academic-personnel/my-career/professional-leave/

If you wish to request a leave for the next AY, please discuss your plans with Allen before Friday, October 15. We will need completed applications submitted to the department (to Dawn) by the end of the day on Friday, October 22. All leave requests are then forwarded by the department to the College for additional consideration.

The College would like to remind faculty that they should meet the following three requirements in their applications for consideration:
1)  The person requesting a leave should include a 50-60 word abstract to the beginning of their 1-3 page summary regarding their leave request.
2)  A current CV is required for the application.
3)  If a faculty member has had a leave granted in the past 10 years, they must have completed leave reports for those leaves to be eligible for additional consideration.

Faculty leave requests: let Allen know by October 15

If you are a faculty member thinking about requesting a professional leave either through the Assigned Research Appointment or the Faculty Improvement Leave mechanisms for the 2020-21 AY, please complete the leave PDF form (including relevant attachments) and then email them to Allen no later than Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 5 p.m. Although faculty leave requests are not due to the dean until November 1, it is important that we know about faculty requests well beforehand because leaves have an impact on our departmental teaching schedules — thus, it is important that we know about possible contingencies in advance. Failure to meet the October 15 notification deadline will remove one from consideration for leaves next year. If you have any questions, please talk to Allen well in advance of the October 15 deadline.

Graduate Teaching Award nominations sought

The Graduate School is now accepting nominations for the Distinguished Teaching Award for Excellence in Graduate Instruction and Mentoring. Our very own Jay Smart received the award this year, and I know we have many excellent faculty who contribute greatly to graduate education. Nominations are due by March 1; more information can be found in this doc on the Team Drive.

NSF/NIH Graduate fellowships due

The deadlines for the October 25 NSF GRFP and the December 8 NRSA may have many graduate students thinking about these fellowships. Advisors and grad students should know that the department will support students who submit proposals with a $100 submission incentive fund, as well as commitments for reasonable project expenses for proposed research (which the awards often do not). Be sure to see me if you plan to submit for these awards–for statements of support and because I’d like to hear what you’re doing!

Important deadlines upcoming

There are several annual deadlines upcoming of which you should all be aware. Please plan ahead if you are considering pursuit of any of the following, and let me know of your intent as soon as possible.

Student Technology Fee (October 12 to CAS): This should also have appeared in your MyMiami, and more information can be found here. If you plan to submit a proposal for equipment, software, etc. from this annual competition, please notify me asap and plan to have it ready by October 5 to be prepared for the CAS deadline.

CFR grant proposals (October 19 to OARS): The University Senate Committee on Faculty Research (CFR) offers several funding programs for summer research, GA support, publication/presentation subsidies, etc. This deadline is particularly for the faculty research grants. Although applications are submitted directly to OARS, please let me know if you plan to submit and I can help advise (especially if you are requesting GA support).

Leave requests (November 1 to CAS): Any faculty who are considering taking a research leave next year (2019-20 AY) should let me know. This includes both one-semester (ARA) and year-long (FIL) leaves, including those from junior faculty who get an “automatic” leave but still must apply. Please have your applications to me at least a week in advance so that I can provide feedback and then provide the required ranking of applications to CAS. By the way, if you are contemplating a leave, you might want to take a look at the Cattell Sabbatical Fund which is a national competition for support to psychology faculty during leaves.


Student travel grants

The Council on Undergraduate Research sponsors travel grants for students who will be presenting research, and as an institutional member we are eligible to nominate students for these awards:

  • For the Psychology Division travel grant, there are two funding cycles annually but note that the deadline is February 15 for the current cycle (presentation at a spring conference, such as MPA).
  • For the Social Science Division travel grant, exclusively for those in social psychology, awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Note that we will be able to provide the matching funds required for this award through either Miami’s UPA or the department.

Reminder: University teaching awards

The dean has asked me to remind you all of the call for nominations for the Distinguished Educator and Graduate Student Teaching Awards:

The Distinguished Educator Award will honor two faculty members for excellence in teaching and related professional activities and the Graduate Student Teaching Award will recognize superior teaching by graduate assistants and teaching fellows.

There must be at least three nominations in order to present this award to anyone.

For additional information, you may contact me or Nancy Burnside (9-1234). These nominations must be sent electronically to Nancy by March 1.

Teaching/mentoring award for grad students

Miami may nominate up two graduate students for an award from the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS):

Two awards have been created to recognize the importance of excellence in teaching and mentoring as a component of graduate education and the preparation of graduate students for future service as college and university faculty. One award will be given to a doctoral student and one to a master’s student. Each award includes a citation and a $750 honorarium that will be presented at the MAGS 74rd Annual Meeting, April 4-6, 2018, at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI.

Nominating a masters and/or a doctoral candidate from your institution for one of these prestigious awards is an excellent way to recognize and encourage future faculty and support the Council of Graduate Schools’ (CGS) efforts to promote Preparing Future Faculty to meet needs in academia. Please consider submitting a nomination in each category as appropriate to recognize excellence in your graduate teaching assistants.

Please see me for more information if you are interested in nominating a student from our department to represent Miami. Submissions need to be received in the graduate school by January 19.

Three-minute thesis (3MT) competition

The Graduate School has announced this year’s 3MT competition, for which the top presenters get some significant prize money, and the winner goes on to a regional competition! From Lou Haines:

I am happy to announce that the Graduate School’s 5th annual 3MT will be held on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. We have a 3MT workshop scheduled for Friday, February 9th and preliminary rounds on four dates in February. Students may register at this Qualtrics link, and when they do, I will add them to the 3MT Canvas site where they will find a wealth of information on preparing for the competition.

This is a fantastic way for students to hone their presentation skills as well as learn how to explain their research to a diverse group.

Summer research opportunities

Before your excellent undergraduates disperse, you may want to discuss summer research opportunities with them, as application deadlines are often over the winter break or shortly after. The ORU maintains a running list, there are hundreds of NSF-funded REUs, and I get emails for several that sound excellent for our majors. For example, the Big Ten schools collectively administer a summer research (SROP) program with experiences across many relevant content domains, such as the following due February 15:

The University of Wisconsin – Madison Psychology Research Experience Program (PREP) offers a 10-week program of mentored research, with an emphasis on applying tools of data science to problems in psychology and neuroscience. It is tailored for individuals from groups historically underrepresented in our field: racial and ethnic minorities, first-generation college students, individuals from low income families, and individuals with disabilities. PREP covers all travel and living expenses, and offers a modest stipend. In addition to carrying out research at a top-ranked psychology department, participants will also interact with faculty and trainees associated with the NSF-supported LUCID graduate training program…  take advantage of numerous professional development and networking opportunities, and engage with a broader community of >100 students participating in one of the UW–Madison’s many SROPs. Unique for 2018: PREP students will have full access to CogSci2018, taking place in Madison July 25-28.