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Summer research opportunities

Before your excellent undergraduates disperse, you may want to discuss summer research opportunities with them, as application deadlines are often over the winter break or shortly after. The ORU maintains a running list, there are hundreds of NSF-funded REUs, and I get emails for several that sound excellent for our majors. For example, the Big Ten schools collectively administer a summer research (SROP) program with experiences across many relevant content domains, such as the following due February 15:

The University of Wisconsin – Madison Psychology Research Experience Program (PREP) offers a 10-week program of mentored research, with an emphasis on applying tools of data science to problems in psychology and neuroscience. It is tailored for individuals from groups historically underrepresented in our field: racial and ethnic minorities, first-generation college students, individuals from low income families, and individuals with disabilities. PREP covers all travel and living expenses, and offers a modest stipend. In addition to carrying out research at a top-ranked psychology department, participants will also interact with faculty and trainees associated with the NSF-supported LUCID graduate training program…  take advantage of numerous professional development and networking opportunities, and engage with a broader community of >100 students participating in one of the UW–Madison’s many SROPs. Unique for 2018: PREP students will have full access to CogSci2018, taking place in Madison July 25-28.