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Faculty leave requests for AY2022-23

Faculty who would like to request a Faculty Improvement Leave or an Assigned Research Appointment leave for next academic year (i.e., AY2022-23) should visit the Academic Personnel website for more information about policies and for relevant application forms:

If you wish to request a leave for the next AY, please discuss your plans with Allen before Friday, October 15. We will need completed applications submitted to the department (to Dawn) by the end of the day on Friday, October 22. All leave requests are then forwarded by the department to the College for additional consideration.

The College would like to remind faculty that they should meet the following three requirements in their applications for consideration:
1)  The person requesting a leave should include a 50-60 word abstract to the beginning of their 1-3 page summary regarding their leave request.
2)  A current CV is required for the application.
3)  If a faculty member has had a leave granted in the past 10 years, they must have completed leave reports for those leaves to be eligible for additional consideration.