Joanna Jackson Goldman Memorial Prize

From Pam Engel, on behalf of the National Fellowships committee, announcing the current cycle of Miami’s most significant award that would be suitable especially for honors theses:

The Joanna Jackson Goldman Memorial Prize will be awarded to current juniors/rising seniors to carry out a yearlong, independently-designed project in scholarship, journalism, or the arts. Recipients of the prize might use the stipend to compose music, write a work of fiction, conduct scientific or historical research, or gather material for a work on American civilization. The prize will support aspiring poets, writers, musicians, historians, social scientists, scientists, and artists who, as a result of their experience, will contribute more fully and richly to the community of scholarship and creative achievement that they will enter after their graduation from Miami. To be eligible for the award in this year’s competition cycle, you must be on track to graduate by May or August 2020.

The prize (up to $11,000) is awarded to current students of junior status (graduating May 2020) for a senior year project. The intention of the prize is to give students with exceptional promise the rare luxury of independently pursuing ideas and activities that will enrich their later work and careers. Funds can be used for travel, living expenses, supplies – essentially anything required to complete the project.

The Goldman Memorial Prize is open to any student, not just those in the Honors Program. We do ask that you send interested students to Old Manse to pick-up a paper copy application so we are able to monitor the number of students interested.

The application deadline is February 1, 2019.

Please contact Dr. Zeb Baker ( or Pam Engel ( with any questions.