All-expenses paid training in computational neuroscience

This would be a great opportunity for graduate students interested in acquiring these techniques. All expenses including airfare and lodging are covered through NIH funding:

We would like to bring to your attention a one-week NIH funded Summer Short Course (14-20 July 2019) titled “Interdisciplinary Training in Computational Neuroscience” for pre- and post docs, medical students, and faculty from Biology, Psychology, Medicine, Engineering, Physics and Math interested in computational neuroscience.

The one-week NIH Summer course is absolutely free to the attendees, with airfare, lodging, meals everything paid by NIH.

We had approximately 70 applicants each year for the 24 positions/year during the past years. They were from multiple disciplines including Biological Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Physics and Mathematics.

The interdisciplinary computational neuroscience short course includes limited experimental and systems neurophysiology components. The background expected is high school level calculus and programming together with a strong interest in learning about computational/software. One of our goals is to introduce students/ faculty to the process of biologically-based modeling incorporating data related to cellular and synaptic neurophysiology.

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2019. An on-line application form and additional details can be found at the website.