Russia: The Other Headlines, 17-21 November

Putin spoke about the dangers of an “anti-people mentality”, which leads to the spread of  extremism. Everybody – parties, universities, NGOs, mass-media – should unite against it. Extremism, he warns, is used as a geopolitical tool through color revolutions.

Head of VTB Bank Andrey Kostin is on top in the list of 25 Russian CEO, earning  $37m in 2013.

Higher School of Economics projects that Russia will enter into a recession after the New Year.

Interview with Gleb Pavlovksy, where he proposes, that “the President needs to abandon his old friends”

The conflict around Echo Moskvy radio station is settled.

Khasis, who is convicted as an accomplice in the killing of Stanislav Markelov, testified as a witness in another case. She claims that the nationalist band was supervised directly by Surkov from Presidential Administration.

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