Intro to Voices: Intergroup Dialogue program accepting applications through January 12

Intro to Voices: Intergroup Dialogue (ITV) is Miami’s free, abbreviated version of intergroup dialogue for students but is only available through faculty-sponsored courses. To register your spring course, please follow this link and answer the simple questions.

The ITV program is oversee by Dr. Tarah Trueblood, Director of Miami’s Center for American and World Cultures. For more information on ITV, please feel free to contact Tarah by email ( or by phone (513.529.1943).

Faculty of all disciplines are eligible to embed a co-curricular version of Miami’s Voices Intergroup Dialogue program, Intro to Voices (ITV), into their spring 2020 courses (graduate and undergraduate). The Center for American and World Cultures (CAWC) offers ITV at no cost to faculty or students.


1. OFFER: Decide what course credit/points you will offer students who successfully complete ITV. The more substantial the credit the more likely your students will enroll in, and successfully complete, the program. Examples:

—Credit in lieu of an exam/paper
—Credit in lieu of a community engagement project
—Credit in lieu of required event attendance
—Some other point/course credit (excluding “Extra Credit”)
— Credit in lieu of a group project
—Credit in lieu of certain assigned readings —Credit via independent study (or +1)

2. ENROLL using the link above. The CAWC will prepare an editable draft description of the ITV Program tailored for your students, including how they will earn credit in your course upon successful completion.

3. PROMOTE: Class Visit and/or Syllabus Insert. If you wish, a member of the CAWC team will (a) come to your class during the first week to announce the program, answer questions, and encourage registration; and/or (b) craft an editable description of ITV with instructions on how your students can earn credit in your course for successful completion of ITV.

•  Student registration deadline: MONDAY February 10, 2020 (2/17/20 for Q term).

•  ITV runs the last 8 weeks of the semester (3/9/20 –5/6/20) from 6-8 pm (students choose M, T, or W).

• CAWC takes attendance and reports it to you weekly.

•  CAWC provides you with the names of your students who successfully complete ITV. You award earned course credit.

•  Your students receive suggested resume entry for ITV and a “Certificate of Completion” from CAWC.