Important: New Academic Integrity Policy

As Brooke Spangler Cropenbaker noted in her email on 21 August, there is a new Academic Integrity Policy that goes into effect THIS FALL. The university has developed syllabus language, a guide to the new policy (what to do during the first class, how to continue the discussion, and what you should discuss on exam days, etc.) and a brief overview of what differs between the old and new (developed by Brenda Quaye, Assistant Director of Academic Integrity)

This academic year, Brooke will serve as the department’s designee to handle academic dishonesty issues. If you have questions about the policy, please contact Brooke.

Please note a few things. First, all instructors are required to report suspected cases of academic dishonesty. This is now done using an on-line submission form, and the initial investigation is handled by Brenda Quaye’s office. Only in cases where a student contests responsibility or the sanction does the department get involved. By having Brenda’s office handle the first layer of academic integrity issues, we hope to reduce the workload involved in the department and to encourage faculty reporting academic integrity issues.

Please familiarize yourself with the new policies and processes so that (1) your syllabus addresses things appropriately, (2) you spend a couple of minutes on the first day of class discussing academic integrity and its importance, and (3) you know what to do should you encounter behavior that requires your reporting suspected academic dishonesty.