Call for CAS alumni lecture speakers due 20 Sept

The College of Arts and Science is pleased to continue the Alumni Lecture Series. The purpose of the program is to celebrate CAS graduates and give alumni the opportunity to return to campus to interact with students and faculty.

Eligible Lecturers: Departments and programs are asked to nominate CAS alumni who have distinguished themselves in a CAS discipline. It is envisioned that there will be two types of lectures: (1) alumni who have gained popular fame and would appeal to an audience across all disciplines in the College and/or University, and (2) alumni who have distinguished themselves in a particular discipline, whose talk might be of interest to a single cognate group within the College. Nominations of both popularly known and discipline-specific speakers are welcome.

Proposals must include several elements, including a brief biography of the alum that includes statements about credentials and achievements; potential lecture topic (it is understandable that prospective lecturers would not have been contacted before acceptance of the proposal); an indication of the potential audience; and an estimated budget. It is anticipated that alumni will not be paid an honorarium. Proposals should detail how the lecturer will interact with students and faculty.

Units that successfully proposes an Alumni Lecturer will be responsible for hosting the visit and making all arrangements for advertising, housing, meals, and interactions with students, faculty, and appropriate administrators. It is expected that lecturers will be on campus for a period of time longer than just the lecture to allow for such interaction. Additionally, the unit must make Evan Lichtenstein aware of the visit once the date(s) are set.

If you are interested in proposing an alumni lecturer, please contact Allen to explore its feasibility and to get the official documentation needed to start the nomination process, which are due to the College by Friday, September 20, 2019.