Diversity & inclusion events next week

Lauren is back with weekly diversity and inclusion events on campus, below.

Also please remember that this is Black History Month with many great events on campus and the community. A list of influential Black  psychologists can be found through Active Minds, the APA, and other sources for those interested in classroom use (or otherwise!).

The Personal is Political: Examining Black Sportswomen’s Contemporary Activist’s Efforts
When: Monday 2/11 6-7:50pm
Where: 001 Upham Hall
Description: Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique will present a talk examining how black female college athletes experience marginalization and promote social justice strategies to redress social inequalities.

Memories from Heart Mountain
When: Tuesday 2/12 7-8pm
Where: Dave Finkelman Auditorium, Middletown campus
Description: Sam Mihara will share his childhood experiences of internment as a Japanese American during World War II.

Faculty Unhinged: Dr. Leland Spencer
When: Wednesday 2/13 11:30am-12:30pm
Where: 114 Rentschler Hall, Hamilton campus
Description: Dr. Leland Spencer will discuss gender, sex, and gender identity.

Stories of Worldwide Interconnected Lives
When: Wednesday 2/13 5-6:30pm
Where: 212 MacMillan Hall
Description: “Students, faculty, and staff with worldwide experiences will share their own stories reflecting on how their cross-cultural journeys and intercultural connections influence the development of their sense of belonging to a larger community(its), and influence the intersectionality of their cultural identity(ies).”

Activism Then and Now: Reflections on the Black Student Action Association and Vietnam War Protests in 1970
When: Thursday 2/14 12-1pm
Where: 320 King Library
Description: “Explore the history of Larry Clark, a Miami alum considered to be one of the leaders of the Black Protest Movement at Miami University. Now an award-winning filmmaker, Clark’s leadership at Miami is examined through lecture and film clips by Dr. Andy Rice, assistant processor of comparative media studies.”

When:: Friday 2/15 7-11pm
Where: Armstrong Fritz Pavillion
Description: The Japanese Culture and Language Club is hosting a festival celebrating the New Year in Japan. There will be booths with activities, information about Japanese culture and holidays, performances, and food.

Chinese New Year Gala
When: Saturday 2/16 7-10pm
Where: Hall Auditorium Green Room
Description: Come celebrate the Chinese New Year by watching performances and eating a Chinese meal.