Diversity & inclusion events next week

Invisible Illness Awareness
When: Monday 10/15 11:30am-1pm
Where: Johnston Hall (Middletown campus)
Description: “This event…is for anyone to learn about invisible illnesses” and how they affect college students.

Queering Your Senior Pictures
When: Tuesday 10/16 4-7pm
Where: Women*s & LGBTQ+ Services room 3012, Armstrong Student Center
Description: “This is your chance to have your senior pictures the way you’ve always wanted them. Students can come and have their professional pictures taken that express their true gender and sexual identity/expression. You do not have to be a senior to have your pictures taken, everyone is welcome!”

Freedom Rider
When: Wednesday 10/17 5-8pm
Where: 114 Rentschler Hall (Hamilton campus)
Description: The Office of Diversity and Multicultural Services is sponsoring this film-viewing event.

Coming Out Stories
When: Wednesday 10/17 and Thursday 10/18 6-8pm
Where: Interfaith Center
Description: “Come share your coming out stories in a safe, secluded, and confidential space surrounded by the support of Spectrum and your fellow peers.”

Chinese Warriors of Peking
When: Wednesday 10/17 at 7pm
Where: Millett Hall room 100
Description: “Set in Peking during the Ming Dynasty, Chinese Warriors of Peking tells the true tale of two rival martial arts schools vying for domination. This fast-paced show is filled with astonishing acrobatics, mesmerizing martial arts, and spectacular stage combat. A must-see spectacle for the whole family!”

Regular Price: Adult $24 | Senior $23 | Youth/Student $12

The Fight Against Rape Culture
When: Wednesday 10/17 7-8:30pm
Where: Parrish Auditorium (Hamilton campus)
Description: “Alice Sebold, who was raped while a student at Syracuse University and who successfully prosecuted her rapist, has spent thirty-five years observing the rape culture in which we live…Though not shying away from the grim realities of the present, Sebold’s goal is to provide hope by working to dismantle the antiquated and destructive divisions that still exist among us and to inspire a more open dialogue.”

The Gay Agenda
When: Thursday 10/18 11am-3pm
Where: Shade Family Room, Armstrong Student Center
Description: “A passive demonstration to promote visibility and awareness on campus. Come and participate in our master agenda: sitting around, chatting with friends, and doing our homework.”

Land of Open Graves: Understanding American Politics and the US/Mexico Border Enforcement Through the Lives and Deaths of Migrants
When: Thursday 10/18 4:30-6pm
Where: John E. Dolibois Room, Shriver Center
Description: Dr. Jason DeLeon, an anthropology professor, will describe his anthropological work studying migration between Mexico and the US.

LGBTQ Family Night
When: Thursday 10/18 7-9:30pm
Where: 118 McGuffey Hall
Description: “This is the first of our monthly LGBTQ+ Family Nights. Please join to hang out with Miami’s queer family, have some snacks, watch a movie.”

When: Friday 10/19 6-8pm
Where: 11 E. Walnut St, Oxford, OH
Description: Hillel: Association of Jewish Students will host its weekly Shabbat.

When: Friday 10/19 8-11pm
Where: Heritage Room, Shriver Center
Description: “A prom for all of us who couldn’t prom the way they wanted to in high school! As we’re close to halloween, this will be a costume party. Come as you are, express yourself, and dance the night away with your peers.”

Human Trafficking Conference
When: Saturday 10/20 8am-4pm
Where: 200, 201, 202, 206, and 211 Phelps (Hamilton campus)
Description: The Human Trafficking Conference is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Services.

Night in India!
When: Saturday 10/20 5-9pm
Where: 322 McGuffey Hall
Description: “The event promotes Indian culture and our big show in November for Diwali. The event will include a variety of activities including henna, India trivia, Indian music, a sari wrapping station, and more.”