Call for Study Abroad/Away proposals

From Global Initiatives, faculty interested in developing Study Abroad/Away proposals for the 2019-20 AY should visit the website or see me for additional information. Note that proposals are due November 1.

Global Initiatives is pleased to invite proposals for study abroad/away programs for the 2019-20 Academic Year. Nearly 2,000 Miami University students study abroad or away on faculty-led programs each year on over 100 programs. These provide valuable high-impact global and intercultural experiences for students allowing them to meaningfully engage with the world and serve to enhance their on-campus coursework and activities. These initiatives support Miami University goals to promote a diverse culture of inclusion, integrity, and collaboration, and we appreciate your willingness to support these goals. Please share this email with your respective units.

Proposal Process Overview
Global Initiatives designed the study abroad/away program proposal process with the intent to develop and evaluate offerings across the university, as well as to increase student enrollment in Miami faculty led programs. As you know, there has been a proliferation of Miami University study abroad/away programs over the most recent three years. We are working with you to more critically review the proposals at the divisional and institutional levels to ensure that we are offering a wide array of globally focused academic endeavors in a variety of locations, not setting up competition for student enrollments between and among offerings, and being effective stewards of the university’s resources.

The proposal process also allows the creation of a study abroad/away portfolio that serves the university at large, while remaining responsive to the strategic goals of divisions and departments. We continue to refine the proposal process, and in order to do a thorough review, and have programs approved in a timeframe that allows students the opportunity to consider Miami faculty-led program options at the same time as transfer credit programs (non-Miami), which are typically available for student applications one year in advance.

Proposals for the 2019-20 Academic Year are due by November 1, 2018. In the recent past this has been a flexible deadline, but we have found that nearly 100% of late submissions are not able to generate enrollment for a go decision. Much effort goes into developing, reviewing, proposing, and recommending a program – faculty, Study Abroad and Global Initiatives staff, Deans, and Chairs, are all devoting a great deal of time to these late submissions, and then they do not meet their enrollment goals. This year, we will not review programs submitted after the deadline, and will ask faculty to consider proposing them for the next academic year, with the understanding that flexibility will be required for unique, high priority, significant offerings that may be considered with rationale.