Pride Panels

As you finalize your syllabi for the fall, I wanted to make you aware of an offering from Spectrum, the student organization for LGBTQ+ students and allies dedicated to education, awareness, activism, and community. You might consider including a Pride Panel if you think it might make sense in your fall course. From Viengsamai Fetters, the Spectrum Education Chair:

The goal of Pride Panels is to provide insights into the lives of real LGBTQ+ people who go to Miami in a way that allows people to ask questions honestly and without fear of judgment. This isn’t a textbook or a dry restatement of data; Pride Panels are about facilitating conversation and practicing Love and Honor. At a Pride Panel, members of Spectrum come and answer questions about our lived experiences as LGBTQ+ people, both relating to topics covered in the class and about life in general. After brief introductions and setting some ground rules, the floor will be opened to questions; students and professors often submit questions anonymously ahead of time as well as having an open Q&A.

Pride Panels have been very successful across the board, and Spectrum has received positive feedback from students and professors alike. Students walk away feeling as though they have a new perspective on LGBTQ+ issues and how they can relate to their fields of study, as well as a better understanding of the ways other students experience life on campus and off.

If you would like to schedule a Pride Panel or would like more information, please contact Viengsamai.