Diversity events this week

White Demographobia: Race, statistics, and the construction of Latino threat
When: 4/16 6-8pm
Where: Upham Hall 001
Description: As part of the “Critical Inquiry and Penny Lecture Series,” Dr. Michael D. Rodriguez will give a talk on race, statistics, and the construction of Latino threat.

Safe Zone 201
When: 4/17 5pm
Where: Mosler 504 (Hamilton Campus)
Description: Safe Zone 201 builds on the knowledge gained in Safe Zone 101 and focuses specifically on what it means to be an LGBTQ+ ally.

Food, Faith, and Family Tradition: American and Muslim Women’s Collaboration
When: 4/18 4:30-6pm
Where: Interfaith Center, 16 S. Campus Ave.
Description: The American and Muslim Women’s Collaboration will host a food- and recipe-sharing event where people will discuss faith and food-related traditions. All are welcome and attendees are encouraged to bring a dish to share, if possible.

The Crisis in Ukraine
When: 4/19 1-2:30pm
Where: Harrison Hall 210
Description: “Andre Kamenshikov is a sociologist from Moscow, Russia who has worked for over 20 years in Russia and Ukraine at a variety of non-governmental organizations focused on human rights and conflict resolution/promoting peace.”

Radiant Child: Radiant Illustrator, Art Museum Lecture by Javaka Steptoe
When: 4/19 1:15-2pm
Where: Miami University Art Museum
Description: Steptoe will “talk about his career and what it means to be an illustrator of African-American themed books.” Cosponsored with the Department of Teacher Education.

“Why Can’t I Just Chill?” Strategies for healing from racial battle fatigue
When: 4/19 5-6:30pm
Where: 320 King Library
Description: Dr. Stephen Quaye will share “preliminary findings from a qualitative study of the strategies Black student affairs educators use to navigate and heal from racial battle fatigue.”

Asian Culture Festival
When: 4/20 5-8pm
Where: Oxford Memorial Park (Uptown Park, 2 E. High St.)
Description: Asian Culture Fest “is hosted by the Asian American Association to promote different cultures represented in Asia and to allow the community and Miami students to learn more about the diverse Asian countries. There’ll be free food, prizes, and performances!”

Rockin’ Road to Dublin
When: 4/20 7:30-9:30pm
Where: Hall Auditorium (101 S. Campus Ave)
Description: “This stylish, can’t-miss spectacle combines the art of an Irish dance show, the power of a rock concert, and the drama of a Broadway theater production. Tickets are $24 for adults, $23 for seniors, and $12 for youth/students.