Volunteer needed for diversity recruitment event

The dean’s office is looking for a volunteer for the RedHawk Overnight Event to be held at the Art Museum–no, you do NOT need to spend the night. From Ted Peters:

This is a diversity recruitment event the evening of Sunday, April 8th. We have been told to expect up to 25 students who are interested in CAS; however, we won’t know what majors they are interested in until a week before the event.

I know this is a Sunday night, but Chris and I ask that you find a tentative volunteer from your department and then we can let you know if you have any potential majors signed up to attend. Many departments won’t need to be on in attendance, but we’d like to be covered just in case.

Please let me know if you are able to cover this in case we have interested students. Theoretically I can do this if nobody is available but I’m hoping that one of you living in Oxford might be willing.