Opportunity for research participants in Chicago

This came across the Judgment & Decision Making listserv, but it is potentially more broadly applicable. In short, it is an opportunity for you to recruit participants through the University of Chicago for simple protocols and surveys:

The Center for Decision Research (CDR) at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is renewing our “Call for Studies” for Winter and Spring 2018. We offer researchers at other institutions an opportunity to conduct behavioral science research in two of our laboratories – one on the UChicago campus (college student and community participants), and the other in downtown Chicago (≈50% college students from colleges and trade schools, ≈50% general public; very diverse in ethnicity and age).

Join a community of researchers from 30 institutions in ten countries who have taken advantage of this exciting opportunity!

Eligible studies will be added to our labs’ offerings to our participants, and we will cover the bulk of the overhead costs associated with conducting the study (i.e., facilities and equipment costs, costs of RA time spent in actual data collection). You will only be responsible for the generation of the materials, the payment of participant compensation (typically, we pay $1 per every 5 minutes of participation), and the cost of minimal RA time spent in preparing your study to run (a flat rate of $50 per study for our RAs’ time spent in preparing and submitting materials to our IRB, and other study-related preparations)

For more information, or to request participation please use this link.