Quick tips for advising

Some random but useful notes from Jay, addressing common advising points:

  • If advising first year students – if they haven’t taken ENG111 – they should do so in the spring (do not wait for fall).
  • STA 261 covers both Miami Plan and CAS formal reasoning requirements.
  • Language requirement is through the 202 level of the given language – so for a person starting from scratch that is usually four semesters. This can be shortened by either AP scores or scores on the placement test (for those languages that have them). For example if a person took the Spanish placement test and placed into SPN201 – then they would take 201 and 202 and be done with the requirement.
  • PSY/Neuro (co-major/minor)/ Pre-med is a feasible (and popular) combination – particularly if the student is a first year.
  • PSY400 and PSY394 can count towards upper level requirements
  • The language is changed a little but the upper level requirement is still 2-300 and 2-400 (with one being the capstone) – we tried to build some flexibility into this (e.g., 3-300 level or multiple 400 level) – but deviations from the 2/2 will still need to be cleared by the CDA
  • For Miami Plan stuff follow this link; it has requirements for both of the current Miami Plans (2014 and before/ 2015 and beyond).
  • For CAS stuff follow this link; not as straightforward but can give you a general rundown of the key stuff.