Students considering departmental honors

From Heather Claypool, departmental honors coordinator:

Current juniors wanting to apply for PSY honors must submit their applications online by Dec 4, 2017. If you have talented first-semester juniors in your lab right now who you think would be good candidates for PSY honors, please talk to them about the program and encourage them to apply. The application is very short and can be filled out online atĀ this link.

The application will ask students to list their PSY and overall GPAs (which will be verified for accuracy), the name of their thesis supervisor (and I will follow-up with you to ensure you have indeed agreed to supervise the student), and a very brief (1-2 sentence) description of their topic area. Students will also be asked if they want to take PSY 400 in Spring 2018 (which is STRONGLY encouraged, but optional). FYI–PSY 400 will be offered on Tues, Thurs from 11:40 AM-1:00 PM (in case students ask).

As in years past, students must have a 3.25 PSY and 3.25 overall GPA to be eligible. I encourage you to ask students about their grades before you encourage them to apply. We’ve had an increasingly high number of students with GPAs well below these targets apply in the last few years.

For students who meet requirements and indicate on the application that they want to take PSY 400, they will be force added to the course. Enrollment in PSY 400 is by force add only and open only to accepted PSY honors students who are juniors.

Please note this important information about the application deadline. If a student applies for PSY honors *after* PSY 400 has begun (i.e., on or after Jan 29, 2018), he or she may still be admitted to the program and be offered the opportunity to do a thesis, but he or she will have forfeited his/her opportunity to take PSY 400. Also, due to holiday travel, I will have very limited opportunity to process honors applications during winter break. Thus, if it is important to you or to the student that he/she takes PSY 400, please make sure he/she submits his/her application on time, by Dec 4, but absolutely no later than Dec 22.

If you have any questions, please stop by or emailĀ Heather.