Support for writing and service learning

In preparing your courses and other pursuits, please keep in mind the valuable resources offered by the Howe Center for Writing Excellence and the Office of Community Engagement and Service.

A selection of Howe Center services, from Liz Wardle, Director, Howe Center:

  • Workshops for faculty about writing
  • Faculty can also sign up to participate in writing groups in order to make progress on their own writing, or to attend a writing “boot camp.”
  • We also support graduate students with dissertation completion groups and writing boot camps.
  • On our website you can find statements for your syllabi about writing center usage, as well as videos to introduce your students to the writing center services.
  • You can join the HWCE mailing list here.

Services from Community Engagement and Service, from Christie Zwahlen, Director:

The Miami University Service-Learning Designation Committee (SLDC) is now accepting Service-Learning class proposals for the Spring and Summer 2018 terms. Miami defines Service-Learning (SL) as “an experiential pedagogical practice that uses action and reflection to meet needs and enhance learning through mutually beneficial, reciprocal partnerships”. Note that a syllabus is NOT required at the time of submission. Due Wednesday, September 20, 2017. [Upcoming Service-Learning Workshops for Faculty are co-sponsored by CTE and available on either website.]

Finally, Faculty from all Miami campuses are invited to submit a proposal for the first-ever Miami SOUP, a mini-granting dinner which celebrates and supports innovative and transformative community change projects in Southwest Ohio. Teams of campus and community partners are eligible to apply. Proposals are due Sunday, September 24.

Four proposals will be chosen as finalists to present their ideas LIVE before a voting audience hungry for soup and change on Saturday, October 21. First prize will receive a minimum of $2,000 + donations; second prize will receive a minimum of $1,000 + donations. Mini-grants are one-time (not yearly recurring) awards.