Industry information interest group for grad students

Many of our grad students are interested in, or could benefit from, some exploration of non-academic career paths. To this end, J.P. Gonzales, a second-year student in the social area, writes:

Some folks in the department have expressed interest in continuing a group that was formed last semester by Kurt S., the Industry Info Group. The primary purpose of this group is to collect and disseminate information and resources (and to provide support for) students who may be interested in pursing non-academic career paths upon graduation. I would like to stress moving forward that this group is not intended to serve as a place to criticize or “bash” the traditional academic career path and those who may have their heart set on pursuing a traditional academic career post graduation. We seek to create a collaborative, supportive environment for students, regardless of their specific career objectives.

Contact J.P for more information, or use this link to schedule (When2Meet) if you are interested.