Support the neuroscience curriculum! #MoveInMiami

Sheep brain dissections in PSY251 teach students the basics of neuroanatomy and help conceptualize the 3-dimensional structure of the brain. This experience creates a strong foundation for all upper-level neuroscience courses.

The second of our #MoveInMiami projects is to support the undergraduate neuroscience curriculum; the related page can be found here, and states:

Neuroscience is one of the most demanding fields in medicine and research, and is also incredibly popular among Miami undergraduates. Enrollment in the neuroscience co-major has steadily increased since its inception.

The behavioral neuroscience fund will expand experiential learning experiences across the neuroscience curriculum in the Psychology Department, including 200, 300, and 400 level courses.

Stay tuned for more about how you can help with this effort as well as the graduate student travel fund, our other #MoveInMiami project. This project was previously announced in this post describing the campaign.