Graduate seminar on diversity in STEM

In the fall, Joyce Fernandes (BIO) will be offering a graduate seminar on Broadening participation in STEM–what it means, and why it matters in higher education.” Beyond the inherent benefits in bringing more diverse perspectives to bear on a problem, Joyce writes:

Funding agencies want scientists and educators to demonstrate their approaches to include diverse groups of students and other participants with an immediate goal of inclusion, and an ultimate goal of a diversified workforce. What can you do as a scientist and/educator to contribute to this ongoing effort of broadening participation in STEM, in your current practices or in the near future?  [Participants will] read literature, engage in mini-projects (boots on the ground), and reach a more “energetically favorable” place than where we started, both collectively and individually.

My overall goal for this seminar is to provide a space and the experience for graduate students to explore the scope of Broadening Participation in STEM by reading and discussing literature on this topic. How do these ideas impact your own roles as scientists and educators? What can you bring to the table based on your own experiences?  We will also interact with [undergraduate] students who are enrolled in programs which have goals of broadening participation.