Russia: The Other Headlines, September 29 – October 3.

Russia ends US student exchange in part over ‘friendly relations’ of gay men (Eng)

Ministry of Defence refused to answer MP Dmitry Gudkov, who sent a request for information about Russian soldiers who died in Eastern Ukraine

Khodorkovsky’s Speech at the Freedom House Awards (Eng)

European Business Association asked for clarification about the new law, which forbids the storage of any personal data outside of Russia. It looks like there will be no exceptions.

Vladimir Pastukhov tries to explain Putin’s logic. He agrees with some of the threats that Putin is trying to answer, but claims, that Putin’s answer is wrong.

Head of Sberbank German Gref delivered a strong speech at the VTB Russia Calling investment forum criticizing some government’s decision and inefficiency of government spendings.

RBC made in-depth analysis of Russian soldiers killed, wounded or missing in Ukraine. Most of them were serving in one of five paratroopers brigades, which form Russian peacekeepers forces.

Moscow real estate market enters stagnation

As fighting spreads in spite of current size-fire agreement in Ukraine Belarus President Lukoshenko offered to send his peacekeepers to the region. Ukraine rejected the proposal, while separatists spoke in favor of such action.

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