Four DUOS awards received in Psychology

Miami University’s Office of Research for Undergraduates recently announced recipients for DUOS (Doctoral Undergraduate Opportunity Scholarships) awards, and there were four awarded in the Department of Psychology. Below is a listing of those projects. Congratulations to our faculty members who oversee these active lab groups, our graduate students who provide mentorship experiences, and our undergraduates who drive these excellent projects!

Dr. Jeffrey Hunger, Faculty Advisor; Alejandro Trujillo, Graduate Student Mentor; Jackson Heitt, Undergraduate Student (PSY Major 2022); for the topic “Examining Intersectional Social Identity Threats”

Dr. Allen McConnell, Faculty Advisor; Tyler Jacobs, Graduate Student Mentor; Antonio Lim, Undergraduate Student (PSY Major 2022); for the topic “The Nature of Disaster: The Effects of Natural Disasters on Climate-Related Behavior Depends On Individuals’ Political Beliefs”

Dr. Jonathan Kunstman, Faculty Advisor; Brielle Johnson, Graduate Student Mentor; Nana OfosuHemaa, Undergraduate Student (PSY Major 2022); for the topic “Raced Based Differences in Confrontation Likelihood and Satisfaction”

Dr. Matt McMurray, Faculty Advisor; Danielle Tapp, Graduate Student Mentor; Zoe Platow, Undergraduate Student (BIO Major 2023), for the topic “Establishing How Dorsal Raphe Projections Modulate Reward Learning”