NetDisk web-based application being discontinued

IT Services will be retiring the NetDisk web application this coming winter.

NetDisk is the web interface for accessing documents stored in the M drive on IT Services maintained servers (i.e., MyFiles, MUFiles, and departmental file space). NetDisk has been used by students, faculty, and staff to store files for access from multiple computers, anywhere on or off campus. However, the application is written in a programming language no longer supported by security updates – and thus, IT Services is turning it off.

These files are not being deleted. However, the web-based interface is going away. There are many alternate tools for sharing and storing files such as Canvas, Google Drive, and Filelocker that are all readily available and convenient. You will also still be able to access the files stored on the M drive. Please see IT’s decommission notice for a full list of alternatives and instructions for how to access those.