Important: Several important reminders for your classes

Now that we’re in the process of finalizing (right!) our syllabi and getting ready for the start of the new school, there are several policies and deadlines that you should be aware of as we start the new year. Some additional instructional policies can be found in the University Policy Library. In particular, please pay close attention to the following important matters.

  1. The academic integrity process has new rules and procedures (see email from Brooke Spangler Cropenbaker and post below) going into effect this fall. Please, please, please be sure you familiarize yourself with it, discuss it with your classes on the first day, and make sure your syllabi reflects the new policies (these policies only apply to undergraduate courses). A lot has changed, and it’s very important that we’re all on the same, and official, page!
  2. If you are teaching the following classes, please review the TAG post below to ensure that your courses meet the requirement of the Ohio Department of Education Transfer Assurance Guide: PSYs 111, 221, 231, 241, 242, 332, 333, or 334.
  3. If you are teaching the following classes, please review the TAG post below to ensure that your class is meeting the Global Miami Plan requirements: PSY 111 or 210.
  4. if you have students, graduate or undergraduate, who are taking independent study credits with you this semester (e.g., RAs in your lab receiving PSY 1/2/3/477, students taking independent study credit), they MUST process their independent study registrations during the first week of classes. Please make sure they get their “pink sheets” in to the office no later than Friday, August 30. Last year, we were given some wiggle room on the “first week deadline,” but there are no grace periods this year — the first week deadline will be enforced. Please be sure that all of your advisees and RAs get this done ASAP!
  5. Remember that each instructor must validate whether each student has attended class during the first week of the semester. Although this can be done rather easily in small classes, it can be more tricky in larger sections (one approach is to have a 0-point assignment in Canvas where students have to post a selfie pic of themselves in the classroom by the end of the first week so you can verify that they were there). Regardless, please don’t forget to verify student attendance this semester!
  6. Students are required to notify instructors within the first two weeks of any religious or cultural observance that might interfere with assignments laid out in the syllabus. Please be sure to invite students to bring them to your attention and that this must be done in the first two weeks of class, per university policy.

Finally, per Hannah Caldwell’s email, please be sure to upload a copy of your syllabus for each course you are teaching to the formstack provided by August 30.

Thank you so much for attending to all of these issues. I know a lot of this work can seem relatively pointless, but complying with them is important for making sure that our classes serve a much larger system of requirement and processes. Thanks for your diligence on these matters!