Ah, here we go again. Whether it’s your first rodeo with course registration or your tenth, it is always best to have several classes you wish to take on hand. As usual, we’ve done some heavy lifting to find our favorite electives for you to consider. Here is our narrowed-down list of fun electives you can take for Fall 2024!

AMS 305: American Icons (3 credit hours)

Ever wonder what makes America tick? If yes, this course is for you as it explores objects, images, and symbols that represent the United States and are associated with the idea of America. From the iconic Statue of Liberty to the ubiquitous Coca-Cola, get ready to dissect the past, present, and future of American identity in a way that’ll make you see stars and stripes in a whole new light.

Attributes: Intercultural Perspectives (IC); FND – Humanities (IIB); PA – Humanities (PA3B); PA- Intercultural Consciousness (PA4B); SI – Creativity, Story, Design (SI04)

ART 189: History of Western Dress (3 credit hours)

This class is your backstage pass to the runway of history. From togas to tutus, you will be tracing the evolution of western dress and the cultural forces that shaped our closets. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of fashion through the ages – it’s haute couture meets history class! 

Attributes: FND – Creative Arts (IIA); FND – Humanities (IIB); PA – Creative Arts (PA3A)

ART 233: Global Perspectives on Dress (3 credit hours)

Another dress-related class! This one is your passport to the world of style. From Tokyo to Timbuktu, you’ll explore how dress speaks volumes about culture. Whether it’s saris or sarongs, kilts or kimonos, the class decodes the language of fashion from every corner of the globe. 

Attributes: FND – Creative Arts (IIA); PA – Creative Arts (PA3A); Online Asynchronous (ONLA)

CHI 261: Forbidden Romance in Modern Chinese Culture (3 credit hours)

This is your ticket to the steamy side of Chinese culture. Get ready to explore tales of love, desire, and scandal that would make Romeo and Juliet blush. From literature to cinema, the class dives into the forbidden romances that captivated China in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Attributes: CASB – Humanities (CASB); PA – Humanities (PA3B)

EDL 351: Leadership Ethics in Community Contexts (3 credit hours)

This class is your ethical compass in a world of gray areas. Get ready to tackle tough moral dilemmas and sharpen your leadership skills in the process. From case studies to real-world applications, you’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of ethical decision-making in community contexts. If you’re ready to lead with integrity and make a difference, this course is for you!

Attributes: FND – Humanities (IIB); PA – Humanities (PA3B)

IES 231: Italian Food Cultures in Context (3 credit hours)

It’s a culinary tour of Italy – no ticket or passport required! From pasta to pizza, the class explores the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine and its global impact. But it’s not just about eating – it’s about understanding how food shapes culture and the environment.

Attributes: CASB – Humanities (CASB); Experiential Learning (EL); FND – Global Course (GCRS); PA – Global Inquiry (PA4C); SI – Sustainability (SI01)

JPN 261: Global Godzilla & Hello Kitty: Japanese Popular Culture in Global Context (3 credit hours)

You don’t have to travel to Japan to learn about the wonderful world of Japanese media. From Godzilla to Hello Kitty, this class unravels the threads of Japan’s culture and its global influence. Whether you’re into anime, manga, or J-pop, this course has something for everyone. 

Attributes: CASB – Humanities (CASB); PA – Humanities (PA3B); PA- Intercult’l Consciousness (PA4B); SI – Creativity, Story, Design (SI04)

THE 351: Dance as Culture (3 credit hours)

Looking to be more active while also getting your credit hours? Groove through history and culture with this class, one dance step at a time. From the jitterbug to hip-hop, you’ll be tracing the rhythms of America’s past and present. But it’s not just about busting a move – it’s about understanding how dance reflects and shapes society as well!

Attributes: PA – Creative Arts (PA3A); PA – DEI (PA4A)

WST 201: Self and Place (3 credit hours)

This is your roadmap to understanding how place shapes identity – including yours! From hometown pride to global citizenship, you’ll explore the ties that bind us to our surroundings. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and explore the world through a new lens, take this class for a semester of exploration and introspection!

Attributes: CASB – Humanities (CASB); FND – Humanities (IIB); PA – Humanities (PA3B)

CCA 190D: Creating With Generative AI (3 credit hours)

You have heard so much talk about AI recently; now it’s time to do something hands on! This is your gateway to the cutting edge of art and technology. In this course, you’ll explore the wild world of generative AI and its endless creative possibilities. Be ready to paint outside the lines and push the boundaries of creativity!

Attributes: SI – Tech, Info, Society (SI03); SI – Creativity, Story, Design (SI04)

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Chi Truong | Class of 2026