Pods vs. Liquid vs. Powder 

As you know, laundry detergent comes in a variety of forms including liquid, powder, and pods. Here’s a low down on the pros and cons of each of them.


  • (+) Easiest to use since they come in pre-determined measurements
  • (+) Lightest to carry and store
  • (-) Might damage your clothes if the pod plastic melts on a delicate item
  • (-) Most expensive
  • (+/-) Goes in the drum with the clothes


  • (+) Doesn’t leave a residue or melted pod, so you won’t need to do extra loads because of damaged clothes
  • (-) Might be messy and difficult to clean up if you spill
  • (-) Heavy
  • (+/-) Goes in the tray separate from the clothes


  • (+) Environmentally friendly
  • (+) Most affordable
  • (-) May leave a residue on your clothes if you use too much
  • (+/-) Goes in the drum with the clothes

Water Temperature

Everything (except for all-white clothing) should be washed in COLD water. Hot water sets stains and shrinks clothes.


First try running any stains under COLD water (don’t use hot water because it may set the stain). If you still can’t remove the mark, try using a stain removing product. Our top three are the Shout Gel Brush, Tide To-Go Stick, and OxiClean Spray-on Stain Remover. After covering the stain with the remover, you can throw the clothing item into the wash. Always hand dry your stained clothing! If the stain remains after an initial washing, then you can try rewashing it. However, if you dry the clothing item with the stain still on it, then the stain will set and you will no longer be able to remove it.

Washing Guide

After every use: socks, shirts, under garments

Weekly: jeans, pillow cases, bath towels

Monthly: sheets

Keeping your Clothes FRESH

Whites: If you don’t want your white clothes to get dingy, you should wash them separately from your colored clothes. In addition to detergent and softener, you will also need bleach for your white clothes. Clorox makes bleach packs, which can be used similarly to detergent pods.

All colors: In order to keep your clothes nice and soft, you will also need fabric softener. You have two options. You can buy the liquid softener, which you use when washing your clothes OR you can use softener sheets that go in the dryer with your clothes.