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It’s already that time of year again: time to prepare for spring semester registration! Registration begins on Wednesday, Nov. 1 and we are just in time with some fun course options! It can be overwhelming looking at the vast amount of courses offered, but we did some research to narrow down your elective selection.  

From fitness to art to wine to fashion, there is something for everyone! Keep in mind these are elective options. These are fun or helpful classes to throw in when you are already making good progress to your specific degree requirements and you have some room in your schedule! 

SLM 120I | Power Walking For Fitness (2 credit hours)

Students walking outdoors on the Miami University campus.

One of my goals for the next year is to incorporate more walking into my life as it is a great mental health break. This power walking class would be the  perfect class to start with! Offered as a sprint course, it provides students with an opportunity to enjoy walking our beautiful campus for credit. At only two credit hours, with credit/no credit grading, it is a great addition to your schedule, and a fun thing to do with friends!

SLM 150C | Beginning Rock Climbing (2 credit hours)

Man climbing indoor rock climbing wall in a gym while 4 others watch.

Every time I walk into the recreation center I see the gigantic rock climbing wall, and I have no idea where I would even start with it. Luckily enough, Miami offers three levels of rock climbing, allowing students to progress with their skill level. The course covers climbing terms, equipment use, and movement skills all necessary for rock climbing. This course has a fee of $180. If you want to pick up a new skill, and impress your friends, this might be just the class for you!

SLM 150E: Beginning Horse Riding (2 credit hours)

Three women in Miami University gear riding horses in an indoor arena.

One of my all time dreams is to learn how to ride horses. Our very own equestrian team is incredible to watch, and I would love to learn, at least, how to ride one without falling. This elective has it covered, with an introduction to the fundamentals of horse riding. The course gives you the opportunity to advance in difficulty, with intermediate and advanced levels. There is a fee of $330, but offers skills that will last a lifetime. 

SLM 120G | Weight Training (2 Credit Hours)

Building confidence – especially in the gym- is no easy task! A great stepping stone to building confidence in the gym is a course led by experienced instructors. The weight training course goes beyond just teaching the steps to a program, but also includes the underlying reasoning of each step. It deals with the kinesiological and physiological principles as they relate to weight training. This sprint course would be a great addition to your schedule, if you are looking to expand your skill set in the gym.

Art 131 | 3D Print Making and Digital Fabrication for Everyday Use (1.5 Credit Hours) 

Man at computer with a 3D printer machine.

Miami’s own Makerspace located in King Library has a variety of 3D printers, but these big machines can be intimidating! It would be amazing to not have to watch 20 tutorials to understand one step. This course focuses on the design process and techniques for 3D printers. In class, students create and design objects for their personal everyday use. This course is offered as a sprint, and has a $55 instruction fee. It’s also a great resume builder, with the tech industry constantly evolving. 

Plus who wouldn’t want to make keepsakes you get to take home!?

Art 160: Beginning Ceramics (1.5 Credit Hours)

A student sculpting a ceramic clay statue of a cat.

Want to unlock your creativity? Or have you ever just randomly wanted to learn how to make something out of clay? This beginners ceramics course guides you through the construction, composition, and techniques of ceramics. This course offers you the opportunity to transform your ideas into handcrafted pieces. As a sprint course, it’s a great choice to round out your schedule. This class includes a $35 to $37 instruction fee. 

I always want to unleash my creativity more, and this seems like a great outlet. Plus, this would be fun to take with friends! 

BIO 244 | Viticulture and Enology (3 Credit Hours)

One of the most unique courses offered at Miami is this biology course, known among students as the “wine tasting” course. It is known to be a great course for discussion with classmates and friends about different wines. This is a course I definitely plan to take in the future! It offers an indepth look into wine-making, allowing students to understand the principles behind it. You also learn all about the various winemaking techniques used throughout the world. This is a course designed for students 21 and over, with a $175 tasting and lab fee. Heads up, though, it’s a popular one and it fills up fast!

FAS 101 | Intro to Fashion Industry (3 Credit Hours)

Two women and a man surrounded by fashion scraps, gathered around a computer.

Do you have an interest in all things fashion? This course provides a pathway to understanding the fashion industry. The fashion industry fascinates me with the way things can change so very quickly. This course would definitely provide a lot more insider knowledge than I currently have. It offers all aspects of the industry including jobs, research, and a possible field trip! If fashion fuels your creativity, this elective will help you understand the ever evolving multi-billion dollar industry.

THE 123 | Acting for the Non-Major: Text and Performance (3 Credit Hours)

This course is perfect for the student who wants to expand their acting skills without the commitment of becoming a theatre major. You can develop acting skills with improv and scene work and learn about acting theory. A bonus: it can count for a foundational credit in creative arts. Or it can be used as a humanities Miami plan course for current sophomores and above.

GER 231 | Enchanted Worlds: Folk and Literary Fairy Tales (3 Credit Hours)

Do you love Disney movies? Interested in learning the folklore behind these stories? This class might be for you! The course focuses on the Grimm collection of fairy tales and other fairy tales from the 19th century to the present.  

Another Bonus: It may qualify for one of those Miami plan classes you need. Check out the course list for more information. Either way it would be an interesting elective to take.

For more information about registration, check out One Stop’s Registration Tips, and Guide. For some more quick registration tips & tricks, check out our Instagram reel! And for more course information check out the Miami University Course List

If you are struggling building your schedule, reach out to your academic advisor for help! This can be an overwhelming process, but you have all the information you need to succeed! 

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Caila Kimble, Class of 2025