Mental Health

Q: Does Miami have a mental health line?

A: If you need to talk to someone, give the H.O.P.E. Line a call. 855-249-5649.

Q: Feeling homesick, sad and lonely. Having trouble finding “my people.” Will feel better when I have a good group of friends. 

We’re sorry to hear that. Please know it’s completely natural to feel homesick and lonely and you are not alone in that feeling! There are lots of resources to help. We have a homesickness highlight on our Insta with advice from upper class students on this exact topic!  

The Student Counseling Service has a page on homesickness with some advice and perspective. You could also call the H.O.P.E. line anytime if you just want to talk it through with a counselor (855-249-5649).

Vaccination, Insurance

Q: Are flu shots free/ no out-of-pocket cost with the student insurance plan?

A: Yes, Aetna’s student insurance plan covers the flu vaccine at 100% since it’s a preventative vaccination. 

Q: How much would a trip to the Health and Wellness Center cost me?

A: For a sick visit to Student Health Services, they charge your insurance just like any other doctor’s office. So, it depends on your insurance plan, co-pay, etc. Learn more on Student Health Service’s website.

Q: Where is the entrance to student health services?

A: Check out our Reel from this summer! The trick is to enter from the external doors facing south (toward the parking garage/the Rec). 

Q: When and where can I find the therapy dogs?

A: You can usually catch the therapy dogs for large events around midterms and finals in Armstrong or Shriver, but they are also in the new health building every Monday (2-3 p.m.) and Thursday (3-4 p.m.) in room 2002!

Q: Do I need a physical form from my doctor?

A: You do need to upload your immunization record from your doctor’s office, typically a physical form that you take a screenshot of to upload. You do not need a “physical” to come to Miami (though some athletics programs might require one).

Q: Do we have to resubmit immunizations every year or is it on file?

A: You only need to do it in your first year.

Q: If we don’t send in our shot records on the 1st, can we still send them in on the 2nd or after?

A: Yes, the system will not close for immunization submissions.

Q: If we are being reimbursed, how long does that take?

A: Reimbursements might take up to five business days after the credit is reflected on the account. Credits for scholarship/federal aid won’t disperse until Aug. 18 however, so if that’s where your credit is from, you’ll be reimbursed the week of the 21st.

Q: What to do if it told us the website was down? We tried it on two different laptops and browsers.

A: Definitely try again today and make sure your unique ID is correct (Miami email address WITHOUT the part). You can also try without the photo of your insurance card. Some students have also been trying to waive before they are eligible. You must have a fall class schedule (full time) to be eligible. Still having trouble? Call 513-529-4246 or email and Nancy will help!

Q: What if I haven’t heard if my request to waive was accepted?

A: It can take a few days. If it’s been longer than two or three days, we would recommend reaching out to Nancy (513-529-4246) to check on it!

Q: Is insurance only required for Oxford students? Do regionals have to complete it too?

A: Only Oxford, domestic, full-time students have to take action.

Q: Does insurance cover psychiatric care for ongoing medication management?

A: Yes, mental health coverage is included like any other medical condition. A $350 deductible applies, then paid at 80% for in-network providers. More on the Aetna plan details.

Q: Where can I enroll in the student insurance plan?

A: You can enroll in student health insurance -if you are eligible- at the same spot you waived. Check out Miami’s student health insurance page for details and this year’s link.

Q: Why won’t it accept the picture of my insurance card? I made sure the file was right.

A: If it’s not working with jpg, png, or pdf, try without the photo of the insurance card. The photo is actually not required (just recommended).

Q: When is our shot record due?

A: Incoming students must submit immunization records or request exemptions by August 1. 

Q: If we don’t waive the insurance plan, does it automatically enroll?

A: Yes, if you are a full-time Oxford student, you are automatically enrolled (and charged!) if you do not take any action.

Q: If we stay on current health insurance, can we still utilize Miami counseling/ mental health services?

A: Student Counseling Service does not take any insurance; the first three sessions of individual counseling are free (paid by student fees) and $25 after that. There is psychiatric care at Student Health Services that does take insurance – check your policy to see if “Miami University with Tri-Health” is a covered provider! Check out this great info about insurance – health insurance 101, when to see what type of provider, and a bit about the student plan.

Q: If we waive the health insurance, does it come out of our fall tuition bill?

A: Yes, it will take a few days, but it will come off the bill. If you need to make a payment before it comes off, just subtract the amount for health insurance!

Q: Do you get confirmation when you sign the waiver?

A: You will get a pop-up that says you’ve submitted it, then an email a few days later when it has been accepted. Final test: the charge will come off of your tuition bill (takes a few days).