It may seem like this semester just started, but we’re already in the midst of scheduling for the next one! With registration times announced, it’s time to start planning out your spring semester. Registration can be stressful; Miami offers hundreds of classes each semester. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking to learn something new and unexpected, or to fill your schedule –  check out some of Miami’s most unique and highly recommended classes below.

HorseBack Riding | SLM 150E

Miami’s Department of Sports Leadership and Management offers three horseback riding courses designed for students from beginner through advanced. Classes focus on developing the student’s riding skills and cover equine topics such as history, behavior, health care, and industry impact. Classes meet once a week and are designed to instruct students beyond the basics in Hunt Seat, Western and Dressage.

Two female students riding two brown horses in the equestrian center

Wine Tasting Class Viticulture | BIO/BOT 244

For those “of age” (21+), BIO 244 comes highly recommended. It may be known around campus as the “Wine Tasting” class, but it goes far beyond taste! You’ll become an expert on grape-growing, wine and how it’s made, and as a bonus, you’ll get to taste some fancy wines. The class comes with a $175 fee, and is a general elective for most.

Ceramics | ART 160

Maybe you’re not an art major, but you’ve always loved working with your hands. ART 160 is great for those who want to explore their artistic side. This sprint course provides an opportunity for non art majors to get creative. Students will learn wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques, gain an understanding of the stages of clay, and carry pieces to the final stages through decoration with slips and/or glazes and firing. There is a Lab and Material Fee for this course. 

ceramic mugs and pots made by students after they have been glazed

Beginning Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design | ART 165

Another class that can help you explore your creative side is ART 165. This class is also a sprint course, so there’s a smaller commitment and chance to explore outside your major. In this class students will be introduced to basic techniques of metal cutting, soldering, polishing, roller printing, riveting, detailing and finishing. There is a Lab and Material Fee for this course. Who knows? Maybe it’ll lead to a jewelry making side hustle!

Ice Skating | KNH 130O

Do you love to ice skate but wish you could impress your friends with your skills? Then KNH 130 is for you. This class covers the basics of how to ice skate and eventually progresses on to topics such as skating backwards, turns, and jumps. The best news is if you love this class, you can continue on to intermediate and advanced ice skating classes. 

Broomball | KNH 140M

While there are several KNH classes every semester, none are more “Miami” than Broomball! Take part in a Miami tradition and learn the ins and outs of the game. And don’t worry, there is no skill required! This course provides an introduction to basic broomball skills for those who have never played, for those with limited experience, or those who have broomball experience but no formal instruction. 

Two male students running after a ball on ice playing broomball

Leadership and Tabletop Gaming | EDL 290T

Calling all board and card game lovers! The Nature of Group Leadership is a two-credit course for students interested in exploring multiple approaches to leadership and building capacity for socially responsible leadership. The course involves engaged learning through community action work, skill building, reading, writing, analysis, and dialogue. This section studies leadership through the context of board, card and role playing games. What is better than getting academic credit for playing the classic games you love.

Star Wars: Force, Culture and Science Fiction | FST 360S

This class is designed for the Star Wars super fans. FST 360 offers the chance to analyze and discuss “Star Wars” and its influence on culture and film. In the class, students watch and analyze “Star Wars” as well as films that inspired or were inspired by the franchise. For the final assignment in the class, students write their own fan-made scripts and then produce some of them into short films.

Rock Climbing | KNH 150C

Have you walked by the rock wall or bouldering room at the Rec and thought to yourself  “I could do that!”? If so, KNH 150 is a great place to start. Introduction to beginning rock climbing covers the terminology, equipment, technical and safety skills appropriate for the novice level climber. This class leads into a series of rock climbing courses that progress in difficulty. 

two female students beginning to rock climb

History of Rock n Roll | MUS 225

This survey of Rock and Roll class examines the roles the genre has played in the American imagination since the 1950s, and the perception and reception of the genre through time. It focuses on the ways that Rock music fits into the narratives on American culture, gender and race, examining this music through the lens of politics, aesthetics, and society. Also dive into subgenres such as Metal and Hard Rock, to Punk and Disco. 

While some of these classes may be full or not offered this upcoming semester, keep your eye on these classes for future semesters. There are so many fascinating and fun classes that Miami offers. It’s up to you to find your fit! If you are struggling with how to plan out your schedule,  make an appointment with your advisor to chat about your schedule and academic plan. Happy scheduling!

Grace Cooper