Hello! I am Aidan McGaughy, a senior information systems + analytics and marketing double major with an emerging technologies in business and design minor. I’m excited to bring you along for a Wednesday in my life as a Miami senior and share what I am doing.

8 a.m: I wake up, shower, eat a small breakfast, and review my calendar for the day to plan what I would like to complete before retreating back to my bed at the end of the day. Today I have two classes, a few meetings, and an intramural hockey game. It should be a fun day! After I finish breakfast and get a little work done, I walk to my first class, which starts at 10:05 in the Farmer School of Business.

Laptop open to a slide deck on a classroom table, other students in groups in the background.

9:55 a.m: I get to MKT 345: Building and Managing Strong Brands about ten minutes early. I have a short conversation with my professor about the Mystery Alaska (a 1999 movie) hockey jersey I wore today until class starts. In this class, we’ve been working on a client project with Fifth Third Bank. My group is focusing on recommendations to improve the simplicity of the banking experience through new features and updates to the Fifth Third mobile banking application. Today we worked on developing a commercial to tell consumers about the new application improvements.

11:30 a.m: After class, I stop by Dividends, the food market in the Farmer School of Business, and grab a chicken pesto panini and yogurt for lunch. I am currently the president of the Business Student Advisory Council (BSAC), and most BSAC meetings fall on Wednesdays. Today I met with Emilia Lloyd, the BSAC’s vice president of business organizations, to plan logistics for an upcoming BSAC event: The B-Org Bolt. This event is a competition in November for business organizations racing to complete fun activities and solve clues as they bolt around Oxford to win a cash prize. 

Aidan with Emilia Lloyd, giving thumbs up to the camera in a small study room.
Aidan in the Farmer School of Business lobby, with 5 other students and a representative from E&J Gallo.

2:30 p.m: After meeting with Emilia, I do some homework and head to my MKT 495 Honors – Strategy Works Marketing capstone class. This class is also a client project where we are working with E&J Gallo (the winery/wine distributor). My five group members and I are working on developing a new brand for the company. Today, we further ideated and developed marketing tactics and worked on our final slide deck. The picture here is from one of our meetings with the client.

6 p.m: I lead our weekly BSAC Executive Meeting, where we recap the presidential forum, discuss committee and executive team updates, and further plan for 2023 executive team elections, social events, the B-Org Bolt, and the Red Mitten Campaign. The presidential forum is an event we host where all the business organizations’ presidents meet and discuss our goals and feedback for the Farmer School of Business with Dean Darroch. I share the takeaways from the event with the team. The Red Mitten Campaign is an annual service event BSAC hosts to collect donated gifts, wrap them, and deliver them to families in need in Oxford. We further plan out the actual wrapping and donation aspect of the service event today.

9 students lined up in front of a projector screen, presumably the outgoing executive team of BSAC.

7 p.m: After the BSAC exec meeting, we have our weekly BSAC general body meeting. Tonight we have our 2023 executive team elections (The photo is the 2022 executive team). BSAC executive teams manage the organization for a year. During elections, candidates give a speech to explain their goals, answer a few questions, then step out of the room so the organization can have an open discussion about each candidate and their qualifications before voting. We elect the new nine members of the executive team. I am excited for the next team to take over, but I will miss serving on the executive team. I can’t believe I only have one more semester as an undergraduate. After BSAC, I headed home to get dinner.

8:15 p.m: I make salmon and rice for dinner. 

Aidan in the goal on the ice in the Goggin Ice Center, wearing full hockey gear.

9:15 p.m: After dinner, I head to Goggin Ice Center for my intramural hockey game. I play goalie on Delta Sigma Pi, my business fraternity’s team. I have played hockey most of my life, but I had not played goalie since I was six years old before joining the team. I’m not great at goaltending, but I am getting better. We win our game 6-3! 

10:45 p.m:  I shower at Goggin, head home, and go straight to sleep. Typically on Wednesdays, I would get some homework done after BSAC, but because of my late hockey game, I am prioritizing sleep and will spend more time on homework tomorrow.

Today was a long but enjoyable day! My Thursdays and Fridays are much less busy, so it should be an easy end to the week. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my Wednesday. Thank you for reading!