Miami Bound

Q: I’m a commuter attending the MADE at Miami Bound Program. Is that allowed? Or should I opt out?

A: That’s definitely allowed! You’ll just commute in for it!

Q: Will my meal swipes work during Miami Bound?

A: Depends on the program! Officially swipes begin on move-in day, but some programs will have purchased swipes for participants to use during Miami Bound. Others will have catered meals!

Q: As a commuter, will I be able to attend the Miami Bound programs and welcome weekend events?

A: Miami Bound programs require registration to attend (there is one for commuters as well!) But yes, for sure attend Welcome Weekend events! Anything not specific to a residence hall is open to all incoming students!

Q: If you’re moving in early for a Miami Bound program, will there be help to move in?

A: There should be carts available, but there likely won’t be help, due to the move-in dates/times being so spread out.

Q: The Residence Directors know which students are coming in for Miami Bound, correct?

A: Yes! Definitely follow instructions for moving and checking in from your program if you are arriving early for Miami Bound!

Q: My program moves in early- will there be people in my hall or will I be lonely?

A: There are usually a handful of people who have moved in early for Miami Bound/athletics/band/etc. You’re not totally by yourself! And, your program will keep you pretty busy, not much time to be bored!

Q: Any recommendations for social events during move-in weekend as a commuter?

A: Yes! Definitely attend the events. Sometimes, commuters will meet up and go to events together. Also, sign up for the commuter prep day! Great way to meet other commuters and learn the ins and outs of commuting.

Welcome Weekend

Q: What events are there going to be the weekend before classes start?

A: SO MANY! The weekend is jam-packed with things to do, including big and small events. A huge block party. A service project, an outdoor movie on the lawn, fireworks, crafts, hikes, a pep rally, Oxford scavenger hunt, and way more! Details will soon be listed in the events app (download the “Miami University Events” app in your app store, then search for “Fall Semester Orientation” within the app).

Q: Do we have to go to all the events? (Just wondering bc I go to bed early)

A: All incoming students are expected to attend Welcome Weekend events. Take advantage of these opportunities, as they are designed to help you find community and get comfortable with campus in these first few days!

Q: What will transfer students moving on Thursday be doing? Any different from first years?

A: Transfer students should attend Welcome Weekend events just like anyone else! There are some transfer-specific social events over the weekend (you’ll receive an email with details!). but other than that, you should follow the regular Welcome Weekend schedule.


Q: Are electric scooters ok to bring?

A: They are not permitted in any buildings on campus, including residence halls, nor permitted to charge them on university property.

Q: Do I have to use the mini fridge provided, or can I bring my own?

A: Must use the fridge provided – not permitted to bring your own!

Q: Do I need to bring curtains?

A: No, all windows come with blinds/shades. Some students bring a tension rod and curtains, but it’s not a necessity!

Q: Can we bring wax warmers?

A: Policy says no candle warmers!

Q: Can we bring an air fryer?

A: Not allowed!

Q: Can I fit a TV in my dorm room?

A: Yes, a reasonably sized tv should fit. Most students seem to use laptops to watch TV.

Q: Does an extension cord type matter?

A: Yes. Please do not bring extension cords, but rather bring UL Approved Power Strips with built-in circuit breakers (like below).

Q: Should I bring dishes?

A: Some basic cups, silverware, and plates might be helpful and are more sustainable than using disposable items. Hall kitchens are equipped with pots, pans, cooking utensils, and cookie sheets. If you’d like additional items in your community kitchen, work with your CLT (Community Leadership Team) to get them purchased for the hall!

Q: Do students typically use headboards?

A: We don’t recommend bringing a headboard. If you do bring one, note that you cannot attach anything permanently to or use anything that might damage the bed. Also, some rooms aren’t set up to accommodate a headboard.

Q: Are there ice machines in the halls?

A: There are no ice machines in the halls. You might want to consider bringing a small ice tray for your room refrigerator.

Q: What are the dorm showers like in the bathrooms?

A: They vary from hall to hall but you can generally expect a few stalls, shower curtains, and tile floor, like below!

Q: Do the dorms come with trash cans? If so, what size bag fits?

A: Yes! Each room has a trash bin and a recycling bin and standard small trash bags should work fine.

Q: How many outlets are in a dorm room?

A: Each room has ample outlets. If you need additional outlets, you should use UL-approved power strips!

Q: Is getting a bike or scooter worth it if I have a far dorm?

A: A fair number of students bring a bike. No electric or motorized scooters, bikes, hoverboards, etc. can be used, stored, or charged in a residence hall.

Q: How do we get drinking water inside of dorms?

A: All halls have regular water fountains. Most standard room halls have at least one water bottle filling station. Traditional halls do not. You can also find filling stations all over campus, including Armstrong Student Center!


Q: If I ship something to campus and it’s there before I am, can I pick it up after I move in?

A: Yes! Don’t wait too long to pick it up, but yes they will hold packages in the mail and package center (in Shriver) sent before move-in!

Q: What is the earliest we can have packages shipped to our dorm before school starts?

A: Typically about 10 days prior to move-in – check the package center website for this year’s date!

Q: Do we have to buy daily parking passes when we move in?

A: Miami does not enforce parking permits during move-in week!

Q: Any tips for move-in day?

A: You’ll be pretty busy starting around 5:30 p.m. on move-in day – a required meeting, dinner with your corridor, and evening events. You can also just explore your hall a bit and introduce yourself to your neighbors!

Q: What if we have orientation and move in the same day?

A: You should be moving in early if you are attending August orientation!

Q:  If we have orientation on Thursday and Friday, do we get to move in early or do we have to request housing?

A: You do need to request an early move-in through the housing portal. Login to the Miami housing portal.

Q: Are there required dorm activities after move-in?

A: Yes, there are mandatory all-hall meetings followed by corridor meetings on move-in day.

Q: Can you move in anytime during your scheduled day vs the specific time they gave?

A: They ask that you arrive during your assigned time frame to help reduce traffic congestion, but if you do need to arrive at a different time on the same day, you can do that (9 a.m.-3 p.m.) with no need to notify Miami.

Q: How many halls move in on the day before move-in day?

A: Three (Havighurst, Emerson, Hahne). This is to alleviate traffic on the main day of move in. If you were assigned the day before, but already had travel plans in place, you can just come on move-in day!

Q: Is there a traffic map?

A: Yes, there are some maps (looks like from last year still- but should give you an idea of what to expect) on Miami websites. Otherwise, there will definitely be lots of signs on move-in day as well!

Q: My roommate moves in at the same time as me. Is it doable?

A: Definitely doable! Remember you’ll have help unloading the car on move-in day, so that part goes pretty quickly. It might be tight but it will help you figure out the layout and make decisions together!

Q: Will the dining halls open when we move in? Or not until the start of classes?

A: They should be open!

Q: What do you recommend doing the first day (after moving in)?

A: Most students unpack, walk around campus, and hang out with and say goodbye to family. You should be prepared to have dinner with your corridor at 5 p.m. Then you’ll have a meeting with your RA and corridor, and go straight from there to the campus-wide social events for the evening.

Q: Is there any way we can get access to our rooms and move stuff in earlier but not stay over?

A: Your Miami ID card will not work in the residence halls until your designated move-in day. You can sign up for early arrival to get access to your room. You will be billed as if you are staying in your space even if you’re not. You can sign up for early arrival housing in your online housing portal.

Q: Will dorm rooms only be accessible by digital ID or will there be physical IDs as well?

A: The default is digital, but you can request a physical ID if you prefer. You should download the Get App on your phone before arriving on campus and set up your digital ID.


Q: If you get a parking pass for the garage, do you also have to get a yellow permit?

A: Assuming you are an upper-class student or meet the criteria to have a car on campus, yes, the garage permit is an add-on. You must have a surface-level permit to purchase the garage pass.


Q: People are saying to wait to order textbooks for the first day, to see if we need them? Is this smart?

A: We recommend getting books before classes start to avoid getting behind if there are delays with shipping or availability. You can wait, but it’s a risk!

Q: When should we buy our books?

A: Before the first day of class! You can purchase your books online, and then pick them up in the store on campus. Usually free one-day shipping!

Q: What do I do if I realize I want to drop a class that I already scheduled during orientation?

A: Registration is open for you to make changes to your schedule now! If you would like to consult with an academic advisor first, you should contact the academic advising office in your academic college. Keep in mind if you go below full-time status it can affect financial aid!

Q: How do I know if my transcript for CCP credits got sent?

A: You can call One Stop to ask about it if you’re concerned!

Q: Where can we find what books to buy for our classes?

A: You can look them up on the bookstore website! Search by schedule or by course.

Q: Where can I see my class schedule?

A: Log in to MyMiami and go to “my courses”!

Q: My high school never sent over my final transcript, what should I do?

A: Definitely reach back out to your high school as soon as possible. Miami needs the final transcript for financial aid purposes.