Q: Is dog therapy on every weekend?

A: The dogs can’t be here every weekend, but you can catch them on occasion (e.g., like this past weekend with the Puppies and Pilates event!). Keep an eye on the events calendar!

Q: What is there to do if my family is not coming for Family Weekend? 

A: You definitely don’t need to have your family in town to attend the amazing events happening this weekend! Grab a friend or two and go with your new Miami family! Or ask a friend if you can tag along with their family. Options!


Q: What are clubs that are low commitment for everyone?

A: We have a blog post about this! Check it out!

Q: Intramurals? How to sign up and get a team together?

A: Sign up at Grab some people from your hall or send out a GroupMe, etc, to get a team together. You can also join a team of “free agents” and they’ll add you to teams that are requesting additional players (no guarantee you’ll get on a team, in that case!)  

Q: Where can I find Miami swimming clubs? Broomball team? Badminton club? Or any other club?

A: Always start with the Hub, where all of our student orgs are listed. You can typically find their socials there as well, or search on Instagram!

Q: Is it difficult to start a new club? If it needs a facility (like a gym) how would we get that space?

A: People start new clubs all the time! Here are the basic steps:

  1. Meet with a SEAL ambassador 
  2. Write and review an org constitution
  3. Attend training
  4. Submit application
  5. Wait for review
  6. Become a registered student org, which will give you access to reserving space and other resources/services!

Find more details on the Student Activities website!

Q: What diversity clubs are currently active?

A: There are over 100 orgs listed in the Culture and Diversity category on the Hub. Check them out!