Registration, Schedule, Advising

Q: Since the registration has changed, how do we do it?

A: Registration is through Banner Self-Service. Get there through MyMiami or!

Q: When do the first people start to register?

A: Ticketed registration begins Nov. 1! Check out this year’s academic calendar for more!

Q: How do we find our time tickets?

A: Log in to to access Banner Self-Service, then select Registration. Go to “Prepare for Registration” and follow the prompts! You can also get to Banner through MyMiami if that’s easier for you!

Q: Is there any way to change my time ticket?

A: Unfortunately, no. Your time ticket is based on the number of credit hours you have earned. Some students have priority registration based on other things, but, generally, your time ticket is pretty set in stone.

Q: How to sign up for 1st year business FYIC four-class series?

A: You will get an email (timing depends on registration time ticket) asking you to review options and rank your top three. Then you’ll be pre-registered for those courses before your registration window! More information on the FYIC website!

Q: Could I still get all the classes I want when my time slot is toward the end of registration?

A: You’ll be most successful in getting classes if you are flexible. Prepare a list of classes and alternatives. Students will continue to add and drop classes for weeks (into Dec. and Jan.). There is a process to request a seat in a full class if you can’t get a course you absolutely need. Lots of great info on this One Stop site.

Q: Where do I find the classes that are recommended for me to take?

A: Your Degree Audit Report (DAR) is a great resource. And of course, your academic advisor, and your major and college website!

Q: How do we find the course list for the spring term?

A: Here is the link for course list! Be sure to follow the correct plan for the year you entered Miami!

Q: I had a meeting scheduled with my advisor and had to cancel. Having trouble getting another. What to do?

A: Some colleges have drop-in advising (FSB, CAS), but there is some advice on the academic advising page about finding help. If need be, you can always make an appointment after you schedule, to make sure you are on the right track.

Q: Will classes be canceled Tuesday before Thanksgiving? Would like to book a flight home.

A: Officially, the break doesn’t start until 10 p.m. that Tuesday. Some faculty may cancel their classes that day; others will not. Best to check with the faculty member or book for Tuesday night /Wednesday!

Q: Where can I check final exam times?

A: Go to MyMiami, then search for Your Classes (student), then My Courses at the bottom of the page. It will have all your courses listed with final exam times, days, and locations.

Q: What and when are midterm course evaluations available?

A: Some courses offer the opportunity to provide feedback on the class and the instructor around midterms so they can make adjustments. It’s not a requirement, however, so you may only see a course eval at the very end of the semester!

Q: Where can we find our GPAs?

A: You can see your cumulative and term GPAs on your academic transcript in Banner Self-Service. Follow this link or find it through MyMiami. Select academic transcript, grad/undergrad, advising type, then scroll to the bottom to see your GPA!


Q: Is it okay to start with a major and then realize you don’t know what your career will be?

A: Of course! It happens all the time. Check out the explore section of the Career Center website. Lots of tools and resources to help! 


Q: Good places to study?

A: Check out our “academics” highlight for some favorites voted on by students! We also have an Instagram Reel on our top 5 indoor study spots and the Miami Student did an article on the best study spots in Oxford.

Q: Best time management techniques?

A: Rinella has some amazing online resources, including a short virtual workshop on Time Management! We’ve also done

Q: I need tutoring so bad but it’s harder to find a tutor than I thought.

A: Free tutoring at the Rinella Learning Center is available!