It’s about time to be thinking about what classes you are going to take next fall. Registration can be stressful and Miami offers hundreds (thousands?) of classes each semester. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking to learn something new and unexpected, or to fill your schedule, check out some of Miami’s most unique and highly recommended classes below.

Policing in America | CJS 211

This online course taught through Miami’s regional campus provides students with an in-depth analysis of America’s system of law enforcement. This course covers eras of law enforcement, law enforcement styles and patrols, entering and working in the police subculture, police ethics/civil liability, and the future of American law enforcement. What a great course to increase your knowledge and literacy on pivotal issues in America right now. 

Beginning Ice Hockey | SLM 140H

Have you ever been at a Miami hockey game and thought…hmm I could do that? Here is your chance to try. This course covers the fundamental skills, rules, and strategy necessary for team play. It is open to students of all majors. And there is no requirement to have your own gear; you can rent it from Goggin. 

Boy in suit giving a speech at a podium that says united states senate

Principles of Public Speaking | STC 135

This course helps students develop the fundamentals of analyzing, organizing, adapting, and delivering ideas effectively in public contexts. Special emphasis placed upon informative and persuasive discourse. Public speaking is a helpful tool to have for many careers and this course will prepare you for entering a professional job or internship by building up your resume, interview skills, and presentation skills.  

Beginning Glass Blowing | ART 140

This introductory course provides foundation exercises and instruction in various glass techniques such as kilnforming and some hot glass processes, ranging from fusing and beadmaking to casting. It is offered as a sprint course so it is only a half semester commitment and gives you the opportunity to get creative and hands on. There is a lab and material fee.

Italian American Culture | FST 222

This course is a survey and investigation of the history of Italian immigration in America, the development of Italian American communities across the land, and the contributions that Italian Americans have made to American society and culture. And don’t worry if you don’t know Italian, this course is taught in English.

Film Studies | FST 201

This course is an introduction to basic principles of cinematic form and to major movements and issues in the history of cinema. There is a primary emphasis given to principal methods of critical thinking in film studies, from close analysis of formal and stylistic elements in a single film to more global ways of understanding and interpreting films within their aesthetic, social, historical, and political contexts. The best part about this class…you get credit for watching movies!

Power Walking for Fitness | SLM 120I

Do you enjoy a good walk? This class may be for you! This course introduces and develops the appropriate choices in making walking a core component within a healthy lifestyle. 

Three females in red shirts on a boat with one male in a black shirt taking a sample of water from a lake into a tube

Introduction to Environment and Sustainability | IES 274

This class covers an introduction to environmental and sustainability principles from social science and natural science perspectives. In this class you get to perform analysis of environment and sustainability-related problems and resolution strategies. You will also review environmental history, biotic and natural resources, energy and climate, planning and design, organizational management and policy, and sustainable development.

A boy and a girl ice skating in Goggin Ice Center

Some more courses that were highly recommended by other Miami students were ART 188 History of Western Art: Renaissance – Modern , FSW 365 Family Life Sexuality Education Across Cultures, KNH 140 Broomball, KNH 130O Ice Skating, PHY 111 Astronomy and Space Physics, ART 149 Digital Photography, ART 131 3D Printing and digital Fabrication of Everyday Life.

Get creative this semester and take a class that is outside of the requirements and restrictions of your DAR. Even if it is just a sprint course or J-term experience it can help boost your creativity, or give you invaluable experience that you can use in your major and future jobs. 

Grace Cooper