It may seem like this semester just started, but we’re already in the midst of scheduling for the next one! Registration can be stressful; Miami offers hundreds of classes each semester. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking to learn something new and unexpected – AND you have room in your schedule to play with –  check this sampling of options below.

Note: Some may already be full, but keep your eye on these for future semesters as well!

MUS 287 Enter the Diva: Women in Music

MUS 287 focuses on the contributions women have made to the American music industry and how gender plays into music. It’s a great class for music lovers and those interested in social aspects of gender identity. This course is cross-listed with WGS 287, and it requires a pre-req of MUS 135, 185 or 189, but it will count as an Intercultural Perspectives, Creative Arts, or Humanities requirement.

BIO 244 Viticulture

For those “of age” (21+), BIO 244 comes highly recommended course. It may be known around campus as the “Wine Tasting” class, but it goes far beyond taste! You’ll become an expert on grape-growing, wine and how its made, and as a bonus, you’ll get to taste some fancy wines. The class comes with a $175 fee, and is a general elective for most.

BWS 279 African Americans in Sports

Perfect for athletes and sports lovers, BWS 279 analyzes the participation of African Americans in sport and society and examines how sports have played into African Americans’ integration into the larger society. Cross-listed with KNH and SOC, this class will count for a Social Science or Intercultural Perspective.

CSE 251 Intro to Game Programming

For those who prefer video games to sports, check out CSE 251 and learn what goes into creating a video game. In this class, you will apply general problem solving and programming concepts in the context of designing and programming interactive computer-based games. The class is NOT open to Computer Science, Systems Analysis, or Software Engineering majors, so you definitely do not have to be an expert to take the class!

ART 160 Beginning Ceramics

Maybe you’re not an art major, but you’ve always loved working with your hands. ART 160 is great for those who want to explore their creative side. If ceramics isn’t quite your thing, check out the several other beginning art classes (from metals to woodworking to art therapy and beyond) to find your fit!

EDL 383 Service in Urban Communities

If you’re looking to give back to the community and gain leadership experience, take EDL 383! Students will spend a semester working on a service project benefiting a local urban community, becoming culturally proficient, and critically aware of how race and class play into society.

KNH 140M Broomball

While there are several KNH classes every semester (like rock climbing and social dance), none are more “Miami” than Broomball! Take part in a Miami tradition and learn the ins and outs of the game. And don’t worry, there is no skill required!

So what now?

There are so many fascinating and fun classes that Miami offers. It’s up to you to find your fit! Still struggling with how to plan out your schedule? Definitely make an appointment with your advisor to chat, and then check out this student-created course scheduling website that generates all possible schedules with the classes you want to take. It’s a huge time saver! Happy scheduling!