Believe it or not, the fall semester is quickly coming to an end so it’s time to start preparing for spring! Registration for the spring semester begins on Wednesday, October 26 so we’re here to give you some ideas to get ready for scheduling. 

This time of the year can be stressful, but it’s also an opportunity to try something new, take a fun class with a friend, or just add a few more hours to your schedule. We scoured the course list and here are a few of our favorite elective courses offered during the spring semester.

SLM 130O | Basic Ice Skating

This Basic Ice Skating course is offered by the Department of Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM). With the spring semester beginning during the winter, this class will definitely be in season. This class is a great opportunity to try a new sport and take a look inside Goggin Ice Center. This class includes a $60 instruction fee.

Students on ice skates in Goggin Ice Center.

IMS 418 | Social Media Marketing

For those students who scroll through TikTok for hours on end or create calendars for posting to their Instagram page, this class is for you. In Social Media Marketing, students learn about the world of digital content creation, advertising, and marketing. No matter your major, you’ll gain a better understanding of what it takes to manage social media campaigns and communities while also learning strategies to be successful on these platforms.

THE 111 | Ballroom Dance

Think waltz, tango, swing. These are just a few of the ballroom dances that you’ll learn if you take Theatre 111. This class is perfect for students who want to learn classic dance techniques that include partners and who plan to dazzle a crowd at future wedding receptions.

And BONUS: Are you / were you a fan of the Power Rangers television show? You might also want to take this class because the professor is a former stunt double for the superhero series.

Young woman and man in a ballroom dance.

BIO 244 | Viticulture and Enology

Time for the fan favorite. BIO 244 is disguised as a typical science course because of its name, but most students know it as… wine-tasting. For students interested in the principles of grape growing and winemaking, this class is for you! Offered twice a week in the evening, this class teaches students horticulture techniques throughout the world. This class is for students 21+ and includes a $175 tasting and lab fee.

ART 149 | Beginning Digital Photography

If you’ve ever walked around campus and stopped in your tracks to take a picture of the pretty buildings (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?!), this class is for you! ART 149 teaches students the essentials for digital photography including photo composition, lighting, and subject matter. Students will also learn how to operate a camera, create image files, edit photos, and print their final products. There is no need to be a professional photographer to enjoy this beginner course. This class has a $25 instruction fee and is currently offered as a sprint course.

Two students working together on a Miami computer, with a DSLR camera on the desk beside them.

For more information on courses offered during the spring semester, be sure to check Miami University’s course list and keep your eye on the academic calendar for important deadlines. To check when you are scheduled to register for the spring, follow these steps provided by One Stop. Miami offers so many fun courses for students who are interested in trying something new! If you are having trouble building your schedule, make sure you speak with your academic advisor to ensure you are meeting all of your academic requirements. 

See last year’s blog post for electives to consider. Happy scheduling!

Adrianna Parker, Class of 2023