Face coverings / face masks have become part of our everyday life as many states, including Ohio, adopt policies requiring we use them. A lot of people have gotten creative and are using bandanas, scarves, and beyond to protect themselves and their communities.

Fashion brands have also jumped on the trend and are selling their own versions of face coverings. If you’re looking for something that stays secure on your head, but don’t want to break the bank buying lots of new cloth masks, then we have you covered! Below are two easy DIY options that can be made from things you may have lying around.

DIY Bandana Masks

DIY Bandana Masks. Fold the square bandana in half. Then three more times. Add 2 hair ties about 6" apart, then fold the sides to the middle and tuck.

For this face covering, you will need two hair ties (or rubber bands) and one bandana. The best part? If you mess up, there’s no cutting involved, so you can easily fix it. The first step is to fold your bandana in half. Then evenly fold it three more times. Next, add the two hair ties with about 6” of room in between them. Finally, tuck the sides in so that the hair ties hold them in place.

Wear by simply putting the hair ties around your ears and covering the bandana over your mouth and nose.

Greenhawks Media also has a great blog post about how to make these masks!

DIY T-Shirt Masks

All you’ll need for this DIY is a t-shirt you don’t mind cutting apart — bonus points if you like the pattern/color of the shirt.

Step 1: Start off by cutting about 7-8” from the bottom portion of the t-shirt, making a rectangle. 

Step 2: Cut out a 6-7” rectangle from the right edge of the t-shirt piece cut in step 1. This will help create the ties to go around your head. 

Step 3: Cut two slits through the two skinny portions of the fabric to create the mask ties. This step isn’t necessary, but if it’s too big then you can tie the mask to make it adjustable.  

Simply wear by putting the larger portion of the fabric over your mouth and nose and the long strips tied around  your head.

Bonus: MUF&D Tutorial

If you’ve got sewing skills, definitely check out this tutorial from the Miami University Fashion & Design Club.

Hannah Frier | Marketing