With Fall 2016 classes in full swing, we thought it was an appropriate time to ask around to a couple of Miami seniors on what advice they have for the Class of 2020.


Maggie Reilly
Our first guest is Miami’s Student Body President, Maggie Reilly. Maggie is a senior Political Science Major with minors in Entrepreneurship and Writing & Rhetoric.

Maggie ReillyMaggie’s Advice [GIFs added by us]:
1. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It can be intimidating at first but, the more you try, the quicker you find out what you love to do and what your passions are.

52. Make mistakes, but make them fast. Everyone will experience failure at some point during college, so just embrace it. Don’t be afraid to fail, because there are always lessons hidden in failures that make you succeed later on.

Bob Ross

3. Realize there are multiple libraries on campus. King is oftentimes pretty full so don’t be hesitant to take your studying elsewhere!

54. Schedule time to reach out to your loved ones. Your old friends, mom and dad, grandma: whoever it is, keep in touch with those you helped you get to where you are today!


Billy Fitzgerald

Next, we chatted with Billy Fitzgerald, the Secretary for Off-Campus Affairs in ASG. Billy is a senior Strategic Communications major from Washington, DC.


Billy’s advice [GIFs added by us]:

  1. The Farmer School of Business now requires a 3.7 GPA for those not directly admitted. If you think you can achieve that, by all means go for it, but don’t waste too much trying to get in or you will fall behind.


2. Get the “Canvas” app. It lets you check your grades, assignment due dates, and class announcements right from your phone.


3. Know your neighbors! Introduce yourself to others in your [residence hall].


Elise Earley

Our last guest is senior, Elise Earley from Cincinnati. Elise is enrolled in the Farmer School of Business as a Marketing student.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 1.38.43 PM

Elise’s advice [GIFs added by us]:

1. Use your professors as a resource! Go to office hours (Trust me, do it!) and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

justin  2. School and grades are important, but don’t forget to have some fun! You can only do college once.


3. Cherish your meal plan, use your meal plan, love your meal plan. Seriously you’ll miss it when you’re older.giphy


Thanks so much to Billy, Maggie, and Elise for their advice!

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