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According to Miami University’s Graduate School’s Statement of Student Responsibilities, your instructors and the university will expect you to: 

  • Work to the best of your ability and attend class according to the university regulations.
  • Be attentive during class and participate constructively in class work.
  • Complete the work you are assigned and submit it on time.
  • Prepare work that is honest, independent, and original.
  • Show respect and courtesy for them and fellow students while being open to the ideas of others.
  • Be open to constructive criticism directed at correcting your academic errors and developing your scholarly abilities.
  • Provide them with constructive criticism that is aimed at improving your learning experience.
  • Abide by university regulations prohibiting academic misconduct.
  • Endeavor to ensure that the learning environment is free from ableism, sexism, racism, and other forms of prejudice that negatively influence student learning.

NOTE: For Creative Writing workshops, it is essential to attend all workshops and to complete your workshop responses BEFORE WORKSHOP starts. This is a basic expectation. You are also expected to read the graduate student handbook and “Steps to Your MFA” information below and to be proactive in assembling your thesis committee in a timely manner and arranging the thesis exam and submitting it in the proscribed manner according to deadlines.

Steps to Your MFA

(Important links from the Fall 2023  “Steps to Your MFA” presentation (by Cathy Wagner and TaraShea Nesbit), which has the info you need for moving through the rationale and thesis process and completing your degree.)

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