MFA Faculty who regularly teach MFA workshops and/or serve on thesis committees.

Joseph Bates

PhD, University of Cincinnati, 2006
Co-Editor of the Miami University Press
Associate Professor of English

Areas: Narratology, Creative Writing Pedagogy, Fantastic, Absurd, and Grotesque Literatures; Southern Literature, Film Studies, Religion and Literature

Margaret Luongo

MFA, Creative Writing, University of Florida, 2001
Associate Professor of English

Areas: Creative writing practice, Short fiction, Experimental prose, Contemporary short forms

TaraShea Nesbit

PhD, University of Denver, 2015
Associate Professor of English

Areas: 20th and 21st Century Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, Historical Fiction, Lyric Essays, Multi-Genre Texts, Creative Writing Pedagogy.

Brian Ascalon Roley 

JD, University of California, Los Angeles and MFA, Creative Writing, Cornell University, 1998
Professor of English and Affiliate of Global and Intercultural Studies, Director of Creative Writing

Areas: Creative Writing; Film, Theatre and Literature Adaptations; Disability / Medical Narratives; Contemporary and Twentieth Century Literature; Asian American Literature; Literature and the Law

Emily Spencer

Assistant Professor of English

M.F.A., University of Iowa, Iowa Writers’ Workshop
B.A., The Ohio State University

Areas: Poetry and Poetics, Writing and Health Science, Confessional Narrative, African American Writing, and Social Poetics

Keith Tuma

PhD, University of Chicago, 1987
Professor of English and Co-Editor of the Miami University Press

Areas: Modern and Contemporary British, Irish, American, and Anglophone Literature, Creative and Performance Writing, Poetry and Poetics, Anecdotes and Ephemera, Travel Writing

Cathy Wagner

PhD, University of Utah, 2000
Professor of English

Areas: Creative Writing, Poetry Writing, Contemporary and Modern American Poetry and Poetics, Contemporary and Modern British Poetry and Poetics, Poetry and Politics

Lizzie Hutton

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2018

Assistant Professor of English, Director of the Howe Writing Center

Areas: Writing Studies, literacy studies, reading-writing connection, disciplinary history of English studies, writing center studies, transfer studies

Visiting Faculty

Jen Sammons M.Ed., M.F.A.

Visiting Assistant Professor

Expertise: Lyric Essay, Autoethnography, Student Development Theory, Constructivist Pedagogy, Creative Writing, Hybrid Forms

Expertise: Lyric Essay, Autoethnography, Student Development Theory, Constructivist Pedagogy, Creative Writing, Hybrid Forms