They Roll their Own Dice: A, Tara Hayes

Tara Hayes is a fine artist who works primarily in painting and 2D media. She has exhibited in Ohio, Boston and her work is held in some private collections. She was a 2018 recipient of the Yeck College Artist Fellowship at The Dayton Art Institute. She earned a BFA in Studio Art and BS in Art Education from Miami University in 2017. Most recently, she earned a Master of Fine Arts in 2D Fine Art in 2020 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Hayes lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

My practice begins in the physical landscape. I often encode physical mapping, boundaries and rules of play, and elements of spatial distortion in my work. I use this form of topological manipulation to construct visual spaces that are overloaded. This creates areas of questionable spatial stability. Each work is created in contrast to the experience of true spaces. Through this relationship, they assume their own form, which no longer resembles a legible map. Movements become fragmented where they were once continuous. These abstracted paths mimic blurred feelings and reflect a recognition that space can be true, altered, and fictional.