DISRUPTOR 17, Kim McAnnich

Kim McAninch, a member of the National Association of Women Artists and Women’s Caucus for Art, currently works in Longboat Key FL and Stony Point NY. Her background as a fabric, wallpaper and interior designer has laid the groundwork for her unique painterly style. Through the expressive use of brush and palette knife, she conveys an emotion, a mood and the pure joy of color. Her work offers elusive and intangible qualities to the viewer, who in turn add personal experience, giving life to her work.

I recognize that my work involves disruption as an evolutionary process, to which there is no direct path, one that requires forward-thinking decisiveness. I think and act purposefully, looking for opportunity and innovation in each piece and this process develops over time. I have become competent in the landscape and learned to trust myself and create as if there are no mistakes. But as a disruptor, success is not an immediate requirement. In each, I have found ways to incorporate information that temporarily interrupts the path of the eye. These disruptors are found in our natural landscape in abundance, but are often traded out by design. It is the painterly marks, the ones that give hints of perceived information, that I call DISRUPTORS. I use them to ultimately create energy and depth. While some merely interrupt an otherwise quiet landscape, others are inflicted upon the view, commanding your attention.