Cosmic Awareness, Eric Scott England

Eric England was your archetypal American boy growing up on Pop-Tarts and Pop Culture; G.I. Joes and comic books, who came to love excessive speed (motorcycles), ocean kayaking, sci-fi, screenplay writing and Thai food. Remarkably, England still enjoys the creative process, superheroes, and an occassional Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tart with a cold glass of milk – the engines of invention.

The base material and technique of these pieces are a reflection of the fundamental archetype found in mythology itself. Faceless, they are Everyman. The female Talismans emanate strength and vulnerability; simultaneously embodying the Cradle of Life and the unabashed tenacity and conviction of a warrior. One may also point to implicit Priapan allusions in the male Talisman morphology in reference to his role as Defender in a rudimentary correlation to superhero vigilantism. Though the works are diminutive, they embody aspects of gods/ spirits as did the kachinas, as well as the vicarious status and shamanic powers analogous to the totems