Penelope: from the Ulysses Project, Billy Simms

Billy Simms is an artist, educator, and curator. He holds degrees from The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (BA in Theatrical Design, 1984), The Johns Hopkins University (MS in Special Education, 1999), and Miami University (MFA in 2d Art, 2017). He currently works as The Western Center Coordinator for the Western Program at Miami University, adjuncts for the Miami Art Department, and teaches at the Fitton Center in Hamilton, OH. He lives in Hamilton with his wife and four cats.

This sculpture is a portrait of the character of Molly Bloom from the novel Ulysses by James Joyce. It is from an ongoing series of pieces that I am making in various mediums that are inspired by Joyce’s novel. The title of the piece, “Penelope,” is the title of the final chapter of the book in which we read Molly Bloom’s stream of consciousness monologue.