Reliquary, Pamela L. Hignite

Pamela Hignite was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. Hignite grew up a tree climbing, mud pie making, portrait-drawing tomboy. Hignite evolved into sculptor and art educator after a jaunt through motherhood with five rambunctious children. She now exhibits her artwork in galleries and juried competitions on a national level and sells her artwork via online venues. Hignite holds a BFA, MFA, and MA from Miami University. Hignite received the Lilly Endowment for Teacher Creativity in 2012 and 2020.

I grew up with a love for nature and an appreciation of the human form. I have an affinity for the art of primitive cultures and a desire to insert that genre of sublime power into my own work. I feel very strongly that everything is connected and that we are all one. These connections encompass the realm of our ancestors; flow into the present, and on to our future generations. My work is a recurrent attempt to capture these elusive connections within a sculptural form.