Tennoji Pagoda Temple, Lucille A. Hautau

Lucille Hautau’s passion is pattern. Hautau creates intricate designs in gold and silver using embossing, reticulation, etching and inlay techniques to weave a tapestry of pattern. Hautau specializes in distinctive design and unfailing attention to detail. Each completed work inspires a frenzy of new ideas. Hautau loves what they do and strives to create jewelry that is intriguing, well-crafted and exquisitely designed. Embarking on a new challenge both excites and calms them. Hautau’s creations today are the heirlooms of tomorrow.

Asian and Mediterranean art and architecture fascinate me. In 1977, Miami brought to Craftsummer the esteemed Japanese artists, Hiroko and Gene Pijanowski. I learned Japanese techniques, tools and patinas that I still use. This pendant is photo-etched, constructed then oxidized. Lastly, the Garnet was “snapped” into a pre-cut groove using tension to float it in place. Inspired by the Tennoji Temple, I constructed a sanctuary to enshrine the pendant. This piece empowers the wearer.