Greenhouse Gasses, Marjorie Morrow

Marjorie Morrow is an abstract painter in NY’s Catskills, relocating there after 50 years in Manhattan. She focuses on developing special collaborations, most recently the 4-person “RE: Nature” at Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY. She created Art OrbitĀ®-an online presentation featuring her art & collectors. Recent exhibits include a 2-person show at Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC, and “Ask the Old Trees”, in Callicoon, NY. Her work is a permanent part of the 9/11 Memorial Artists Registry, NYC.

Though I am an abstract painter, my work draws inspiration from the natural landscape. I’ve focused on trees for several years, creating rubbings from the actual bark, and that has led to an involvement with environmental issues & the impact of climate change. Trees represent what has sustained us-and the vulnerability that lies ahead. In my mixed-media paintings, I contrast fabricated grids with textures found in nature as a metaphor for our dilemma-human co-existence with the natural world.