Hidden in the Most Unlikely Place, Thomas Maltbie

After receiving a BFA in Ceramics from Miami in 1976, Thomas Maltbie earned MA and MFA degrees at Bowling Green. He has worked a studio in Southeastern Indiana for 40 years, developing art in both clay and kiln-formed glass. His artworks are included in many corporate collections, and in the American Museum of Ceramic Art. Now a retired educator, he taught in higher education, and for 32 years shared a studio with a few thousand kids at South Ripley Elementary School in Versailles, Indiana.

I make stuff. I use mostly earth-sourced, traditional craft media . . . to make stuff. My imagery alludes to the processes that humans have using forever, portraying our history, surroundings – our home. If you find a particular sunset moving, or you find the amazing craft of a bird’s nest moving, . . . be moved. Likewise, if you see something in my work that moves you, I am grateful.